Prepare Your Organization for CCBHC Status

Relias offers training and compliance tracking to help you meet CCBHC certification criteria.

  • Staff Training

    Give your staff the tools they need to provide person-centered, trauma-informed, and culturally-competent care to those you serve.

  • Tracking and Reporting

    Get access to data that can improve access to care, services, and appropriate state reporting.

  • Care Coordination

    Provide patients with integrated and coordinated care to address all aspects of their health and wellness.

CCBHC Certification Criteria: Hiring, Training, and Reporting

Hear Relias experts share how Relias can help organizations implement the CCBHC model of delivery, hire and onboard for newly created roles, and collect and report on clinical data.

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Training Aligned With CCBHC Certification Criteria

To become certified and maintain CCBHC status, you’re required to have a training plan for all employed staff, including contract staff and DCOs. Training must address cultural competence, person-centered care, trauma-informed care, evidence-based care, primary care/behavioral health integration, and more.Relias offers courses that not only align with CCBHC certification criteria, but state licensure criteria as well. A sampling of our courses includes:

Relias makes it easy to create customized training plans for all employees that align with the criteria outlined by SAMHSA. View our sample training plan to see how our courses fit each of the six program requirements.

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CCBHC Training and Resources

Relias serves over 120 CCBHCs. The CCBHC model of delivery is becoming popular as it improves access to care, gives the community access to a greater scope of services, and improves staff satisfaction and retention. Visit our CCBHC topic page to explore training and hiring resources dedicated to helping you achieve your CCBHC designation.

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“The resources available to CN Guidance through the Relias learning management system and the Relias Academy have been invaluable as we work to bring access to and quality of behavioral healthcare to a new level through our participation in in the CCBHC demonstration project. Being a CCBHC comes with rigorous training and workforce education requirements, and through our relationship with Relias we have been able to directly provide, manage, and track our progress toward our goal of developing a workforce that is highly skilled in person-centered, recovery-oriented, and evidence-based care. As we move forward into the future of the CCBHC, we continue to look to Relias for our training needs, and thank them for their support and responsiveness!”
Lindsay Ragona, Project Director, CCBHC
CN Guidance and Counseling Services

Resources on Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics

Application deadline for the CCBHC Expansion Grant Program is March 10, 2020. Schedule a call with Relias today to learn how we can assist as you prepare, implement, and manage the CCBHC model of delivery.

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