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Measurable Outcomes

Improve Workforce, Organizational, and Patient Outcomes With Relias Solutions 

Attract staff. Elevate care quality. Reduce risk. 

“We’re getting creative. When we have something we need to share with the staff we immediately think, ‘How can we load it into Relias so we can track it?'”

Kasey Varner

Cleveland Area Hospital, Human Resource Generalist

“One of the things that we love about Relias is that you have the trainings that are specific to health and human services functions. There are a lot of training platforms out there, but none that we’ve found that are specific to our industry and requirements for our licensures.”

Mary Roby

LifeSpring Health Systems, Vice President of Human Resources

“The Federal and state surveyors are thoroughly impressed! The survey team viewed the Pro on the Go trach care module, and they said the nurses delivered trach care seamlessly.”

Cristina Papillo

Villa Healthcare, National Director of Clinical Development

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