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Strategic Alliances and Partnerships

Join the Relias Strategic Alliance Network

Relias celebrates working with industry-leading organizations that share our commitment to improving healthcare outcomes. 

Why join Relias as a strategic partner?

By collaborating together, we strengthen our ability to improve healthcare outcomes across the continuum of care. Allied organizations come in all shapes and sizes, but we all play a role in advancing healthcare talent and education. The Relias Strategic Alliance Network consists of four partner types.


Relias referral organizations collaborate to help drive product awareness and capabilities to members, clients, and external stakeholders.


Relias content alliances help deliver valuable, relevant content that our clients want and need from industry subject matter experts.


Relias integrates with allied organizations to create a seamless automated solution that saves clients time, streamlines processes, and delivers more complete and connected systems.


Relias technology alliances help further our commitment to innovative technology by enhancing and expanding its product offerings. 

Depending on the strategic alliance type and level, you can receive a variety of benefits including increased visibility and brand awareness, expanded thought leadership, and more. 

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Join the Relias Strategic Alliance Network

Want to join our ecosystem of mission-driven organizations dedicated to improving healthcare outcomes? Submit this form to learn more about the program and how we can collaborate together.

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