2023 DSP Survey Report

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Learning Management and Training
Direct Support Professionals
DSP survey report

Download the report to learn:

  • Overall trends and insights on DSP job satisfaction
  • The impact appreciation and recognition have on overall DSP job satisfaction, in addition to the ways DSPs want to be recognized
  • The benefits of creating career advancement programs and how they can help retain DSPs
  • And more!


About this report

Relias, in partnership with the American Network of Community Options and Resources (ANCOR), is excited to share the second edition of the DSP Survey Report. The 2023 DSP Survey Report dives deeper into themes uncovered in the 2021 survey, while also taking into consideration the impacts COVID-19 is having on DSPs and IDD services.

The 2023 DSP Survey Report highlights feedback from 763 direct support professionals (DSPs) across the country on job satisfaction, supervision, career advancement opportunities, and appreciation and recognition.

Using this data, organizational leaders in IDD services can inform policies for better working conditions that will increase DSP satisfaction, and ultimately, positively affect the individuals whom DSPs serve.


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