Wound Care Certification Preparation

Elevate Clinician Skills and Improve Patient Outcomes

Evidence-based education prepares your healthcare staff to deliver outstanding wound care.

Comprehensive, practical wound and ostomy education for your organization

Relias certification courses designed to prepare clinicians for credentialing exams and improve patient outcomes.

Better wound care education provides staff with critical knowledge to support their ability to correctly assess, stage, document, and treat pressure injuries. With Relias’ wound care education, staff will learn strategies to prevent pressures injuries or recommend treatment solutions when pressure injuries are not healing as expected.

Our wound care education covers current standards of care to ensure that staff are up to date on the latest practices, allowing your organization to reduce the risk of readmission and increase reimbursements. 

Litigation from pressure injury-related claims is on the rise, as are the costs associated with them. With a focus on evidence-based education, Relias’ wound care education offers superior pressure injury prevention strategies and wound management practices to reduce litigation risks, tags, and citations.

Designed for groups of clinicians, our programs are tailored to your organization’s processes and culture and available in-person and onsite at your organization, or self-paced for your staff online.

“It means a lot for me to have that credential behind my name. It means that physicians, other nurses, they see me as an expert. I’m a go-to person now when it comes to all things wounds.”

Missy Wadford, RN, WCC, OMS

Wound Program Director

“I would absolutely recommend taking the wound care certification course. I thought I knew what I was doing before the course, but after the course, I was way more confident and I could just build on those skills after that. I don’t think anybody should be doing wound care without the certification. It just adds so much to your knowledge and confidence and knowing what you’re doing to treat the wounds. And since my colleague and both I got certified, our wound care rates are through the roof– they’re just amazing!”

Tara Swan, FNP, WCC

Carroll County Memorial Hospital

Interested in building your wound care program?

Wound care certified clinicians improve patient outcomes, reduce risk, and minimize healthcare costs. Select specific groups of individuals within your organization to pursue certification in wound care, diabetic wound care, or ostomy management. Relias helps prepare them for board certification with online or in-person course options, and provides access to online education resources to reinforce learning.

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