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7 Tips for Talking About Sexuality and Relationships to People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

“I want to get married”

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Who “Owns” Training?  And What Are We Spending?

The Relias 2017 State of Staff Development and Training - A National Perspective for Healthcare Report 

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Seniors, SAD and Opioid Dependency

At least 91 Americans will lose their lives to opioids today.

Some will be young, but others may be seniors too.

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Hiring The Right Nurses

Staff selection is one of the most important functions of a nurse manager. In his book Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…and Others Don’t, author Jim Collins says, “get the right people on the bus, the right people in the right seats, and the wrong people off the bus.” He goes on to explain that “…if you have the wrong people, it doesn’t matter whether you discover the right...

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Data Analytics and St. Luke's Triple Aim

The following piece about data analytics originally ran on Dr. Pate’s Prescription for Change, the online journal maintained by St. Luke’s Health System President and CEO Dr. David Pate. St. Luke’s is a client of WhiteCloud Analytics, part of the Relias family of companies.

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Hot Off the Presses! The Relias 2017 State of Staff Development and Training - A National Perspective for Healthcare Report

 This is the first of a four-part blog series on the 2017 State of Staff Development & Training study. The blog posts will be published consecutively on the first four Wednesdays of October.


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We’re Changing Our Name! But You Can Still Call Us Relias

Hello friends,

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Impact Nation Is Right Around The Corner!

If you have ever wondered if Impact Nation was a valuable spend of your time and travel dollars, let me tell you - it is!  I went to my first Impact Nation last year and was so impressed with our clients that make the effort to come to spend those precious few days with us.  This is an energetic group, people!

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Community Partnerships: The Key to Successful Recovery

Although drug overdoses have always been of concern, the CDC states that since 1999 the number of overdoses has more than quadrupled. Additionally, more than six out of ten overdoses involve some form of an opioid. According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine, the United States is in the middle of an overdose epidemic that is being led by opiates. With 144 Americans dying because of...

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Healthcare Is Getting Personal

Elliot Kotek,  co-founder and content chief of Not Impossible and founding editor-in-chief of Not Impossible Now, will be a keynote speaker at the upcoming Impact Nation Conference, presented by Relias.


When it comes to healthcare, our minds are often mixed-up and melted by the media’s megaphone, which dominates discussion on the subject. 

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