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Healthcare Leadership Podcast


Sharing the knowledge and tools to build a resilient healthcare workforce and deliver exceptional care

About the podcast

In this critical time in the healthcare industry, we know organizations need solutions to ongoing challenges like retention, compliance, competency management, revenue cycle management, diversity, and employee well-being. In this podcast, Relias talks to experts across the healthcare continuum who address and solve those problems every day. Whether your care setting is a hospital, outpatient office, nursing home, behavioral health building, home-based care, community health clinic, or rehab therapy, you’ll find nuggets in our conversations with healthcare experts that inspire new approaches.

Join us as we explore innovative solutions that stimulate leadership action, empower your staff, save you time, and build financial strength.

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Meet your host

Leigh Steiner, PhD, is a Partner for Behavioral Health Solutions at Relias. She has extensive national, state, and local experience in organizational development, executive development coaching, and consulting. Leigh has three decades of experience as a change leader in public mental health, with expertise in teaching and training, speech communications, group facilitation, and dynamics. At Relias, she focuses on improving behavioral healthcare management using data-driven analytics. Leigh leads a clinical team that identifies new research in behavioral health and client needs, resulting in the constant development of Relias’ analytic tools.

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