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Healthcare Preemployment Assessments

Role-Specific Clinical, Behavioral, and Situational Assessments

Gauge job fit, support healthcare recruiting, and improve retention and quality of care with pre- and post-hire assessments.

Our scientifically validated assessments are designed for hospitals, long-term care, behavioral health, and intellectual and developmental disabilities providers, and their staffing agencies.

More than 350 role-specific, validated assessments across 40 specialty areas written by our clinicians, industrial psychologists, and psychometricians with content and criterion validity.

Clinical, Behavioral, and Situational Assessment scorecards share insights into knowledge, skills, and competencies, and correlate to on-the-job performance.

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Mercy Health uses data to place nurses into units where it’s statistically predicted they will be successful and satisfied.

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Customer success stories

Customers using Relias Assessments reduce their turnover and increase clinician satisfaction. A large hospital and a community hospital reduced turnover by 81% and 79%, respectively, while KenCrest services improved retention by 20%.


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“We don’t waste time with going back and re-enrolling our new hires into a training that they’re already strong in. We know the strengths of this individual, and we know what they need a little help in. So it’s easy to develop a plan for them when they start their careers here.”

Erik Gore

Assistant Director of Training and Organizational Development at KenCrest

Relias is the gold standard for validated assessments

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Uses stringent validation methodology

Links job fit to actual on-the-job performance

Ensures content and criterion validity

Follows guidelines from the Department of Labor’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Relies on our team of clinicians, industrial psychologists, and psychometricians

Organizations using Relias Assessments

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