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Healthcare Compliance Management

Compliance Management Software

Connect your compliance management and training needs in one place – saving time and resources for what matters most.

Introducing the Relias Compliance Pro Suite

Core healthcare compliance requirements often get overlooked due to new regulations, staff turnover, and tightening budgets. With the Relias Compliance Pro Suite, it’s time to shift toward a more collaborative and proactive approach to compliance.

Relias Compliance Pro Suite eliminates inefficiencies and improves workflows. Designed by industry experts, the Relias Compliance Pro Suite brings together policy, regulation, and risk management tools with our expert-built content — all accessible with one login — to deliver an empowered learner experience and improve outcomes.




Relias Healthcare Compliance Management Solution Modules

Establish a corporate policy management system to communicate and monitor compliance. Create, manage, assign, and store your policies and procedures in a single location.

Track and comply with Conditions of Participation (CoPs) while tagging and linking each regulation to associated policies and procedures.

Identify, analyze, and mitigate risks with a comprehensive, actionable dashboard that details progress against milestones.

“[It’s] a huge time-saver. From a liability standpoint, we have a lot more coverage just because we’re able to have documentation front and center now.”

– HR Director, Baptist Community Services




Upgrade the effectiveness and efficiency of your compliance program with Relias Compliance Pro Suite

Streamline administration

Save time by managing all your compliance activities from one digital system and automating processes.

Increase staff efficiency

Make it easier for your staff to remain compliant and abide by best practices and updated policies and procedures.

Reduce risk

Avoid unnecessary fines with real-time attestation monitoring and reporting.

“To have a digital process for managing policies and procedures and then have a way to report that we have those acknowledgments on file is a game changer we have never seen before.”

– Kathy Barratt, Fundamental Administrative Services


Revolutionizing Retention in Post-Acute Care with Tech

Why invest in a compliance management solution?

According to a report by the American Hospital Organization, more than a quarter of the FTEs dedicated to administrative compliance activities are shouldered by physicians, nurses, and allied health staff. While maintaining compliance is nonnegotiable, you shouldn’t have to choose between compliance and providing care.

An effective compliance management software not only alleviates the administrative burden so that your staff can spend more time on the front lines, but it should also provide your organization with the bandwidth to proactively identify and mitigate risks.


Nurses conversing on a break — nurse depression and anxiety can worsen if they are not allowed to take sufficient breaks and have social support.

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