Revenue Cycle Management and Medical Coding Education

Reliable Training and Education for Your Revenue Cycle Staff

The revenue cycle and coding education your team needs to reduce claim denials and maintain compliance.

What is your average claim denial rate?

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced plans to transition fully to value-based reimbursement by 2030. Is your staff keeping up with the transition?


Your organization is keeping pace with industry recommendations.


Your organization aligns with the healthcare industry average.


Your organization has a higher-than average denial rate.

20% +

Your organization is working to reduce claim denials and liability.

Relias provides comprehensive revenue cycle education to help you keep up with the changes

Our content is evidence-based, expert-authored, peer-reviewed, and covers a wide range of topics and educational levels.

Finance and revenue cycle

Understand the individual staff education needed for all phases of the payment cycle

Coding and risk adjustment

Assign courses organized by body system to all levels of coders

Clinical documentation integrity (CDI)

Educate clinical staff, including nurses, physicians, coders, and CDI specialists

HIPAA and corporate compliance

Leverage courses to achieve compliance with federal regulations

Human body essentials and medical terminology

Provide focused learning for human anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology for coders

Our solution is easy to access and in sync with change effective dates

Earn completion certifications and CEUs to satisfy necessary requirements with reporting to measure compliance and results.

Ensure accurate and complete reimbursements by your staff the first time.

Up-to-date revenue cycle learning that is self-paced and available on mobile promotes confidence and job satisfaction.

Relias brings you access to medical specialty courses

We partner with Revenue Cycle Coding Strategies (RCCS) to provide specialty coding courses to ensure that we offer the most comprehensive education package. RCCS delivers expert courses to Relias customers in areas such as radiology, oncology, and cardiology.

Learn more about specialty course offerings

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