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OSF HealthCare Provides Flexible and Responsive Global Learning Solutions With Relias

OSF HealthCare, one of just 300 organizations named as “America’s Most Innovative Companies,” by Forbes in 2023, unified its healthcare education under the umbrella of a corporate university structure with Relias. This transition brought significant improvement to its learning offerings, enabling more of its 24,000 employees at both large and small sites to access Relias’ expanded course library and more than tripling course completions over a two-year period.

Flexible, online education has also helped OSF significantly reduce the time clinicians are pulled away from direct patient care.

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+ Systemwide learning deployed across 16 hospitals, two colleges, nine home healthcare agencies, one inpatient hospice facility, and 157 multispecialty and urgent care facilities.

+ A corporate university structure empowered a team of 12 system educators to quickly build learning paths with accredited content for thousands of employees.

+ Rapidly growing adoption of learning modules across disciplines more than tripled the number of learners and resulted in a 125% increase in course completions from FY22 to FY23.

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