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Client Success Stories

Discover how healthcare organizations are using Relias Learning to impact the lives of those they serve.

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Employee Engagement

Assess and Develop Staff to Reduce Turnover and Improve Quality of Care

Community Hospice utilizes Relias Assessments and Learning to gain insight on potential candidates and streamline the hiring process. By identifying strengths and areas of improvement, Community Hospice prepares existing staff to be competent clinicians and provide better quality care.

video testimonial Acute Care

Improving Fetal Monitoring with Relias OB

Video: To improve patient safety and drive high reliability in care, Universal Health Services recently implemented Relias OB. Their initial focus has been with the Fetal Monitoring course, which has helped their nurses move from competency to proficiency. Listen to the video to learn the top three reasons Relias OB works for UHS.

Health and Human Services

Using Data to Inform and Improve Care Delivery

Julia Kyle, Director of Integrated Healthcare Initiatives at Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority (DWMHA), stopped by the Relias booth at NatCon 18 to talk about how DWMHA is using data to inform program development and improve care delivery for complex, hard-to-reach populations.

Acute Care

Steward Healthcare—Mountain Point Medical Center

Rising costs in healthcare, collapsing reimbursements, and ever-increasing value based payment models are forcing hospitals to focus on reducing costs of care. While shifts in reimbursement and value-based payment models pose a financial challenge, solving the problem demands clinical change.

Acute Care

Dentalytics Helps Oregon Delta Dental Retain Customers and Grow into New Markets

Moda Health was challenged to provide an innovative technology component to improve oral health outcomes-without increasing prices. As a leader in innovation and service excellence, Moda seized the opportunity to partner with Relias Dentalytics™ to put relevant data in the hands of dentists and leaders.

Health and Human Services

How Illinois Behavioral Health Home Coalition Improved Care Value Through Population Health Data

With support from Molina, IBHHC adopted an analytics solution, Relias Analytics, to identify variation and gaps in care for the individuals within the high user population and to access the advanced decision support technology to improve the care provided to those individuals.

video testimonial Home Care

Training? Compliance? No Problem.

Video: Making sure her team of clinicians were staying current on their skills and meeting licensure requirements was a major concern for Jenifer Phayre, Manager of Education and Staff Development at Genesis Rehab Services. She needed a way to easily deliver expert, effective training to her staff and provide them CEUs.

video testimonial Home Care

Adapting Care with Effective Onboarding

Video: In response to increasing acuity, Accurate Home Care provides ICU care inside a patient’s home. For staff to be able to adapt care and enable independence in the home, training is essential.

video testimonial Hospice

Prioritizing Patient Centered Quality Care

Video: Over the past 25 years, Opuscare has defined success as providing quality care that is personalized to a specific patient. In addition to clinical knowledge, the staff needed to learn and understand how cultural factors play a unique role in ensuring this kind of patient centered care.

Acute Care

Becoming a ‘Top 15 Health System’

St. Luke’s Health System, the largest nonprofit health system in the state of Idaho, was recently named one of the “Top 15 Health Systems” in the country for a third year in a row by Truven Health Analytics.

video testimonial Public Safety

How the Arkansas DOC saves thousands of dollars in overtime and travel costs by training 2,000 staff with Relias

Video: Hear Kathy Lowery describe how they save money by using Relias to train their corrections staff in 20 institutions via their single training academy. They use the training to teach new and senior staff to respond to emergent situations as safely as possible.

Applied Behavior Analysis & Autism

Targeted Training for Staff Success

Now in its 11th year in operation, the Florida Autism Center of Excellence (F.A.C.E.) is a Charter School offering successful educational programs for children and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders. It works with individuals from ages 3 to 22 in grades Pre-K through graduation.

video testimonial Health and Human Services

Show Employees You Care

Video: Shanna Davis, Credentialing Manager, shares how the Guidance Center began using Relias for compliance and regulatory needs however has seen benefits far beyond.

Health and Human Services

Smaller Organizations Grow and Thrive With Relias’ Help

After implementing Relias, Allen-Ayuk Behavioral Health Center could train new hires quickly and avoid delaying the time it took to work directly with clients. They also found themselves in a great position when the state mandated that behavioral health organizations become accredited.

video testimonial Health and Human Services

Training Is the Cornerstone of the Work We Do

Video: Christina Calabrese, Assistant Executive Director, discusses how the staff and clients at SCO Family of Services benefit from using Relias to improve care and maintain compliance with regulatory bodies.

video testimonial Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Increasing Opportunities for Inclusion Through Quality Staff Training and Development

Video: Community Bridges believes in helping the people they serve achieve their life goals and dreams. One of the ways they go about this is by providing their DSPs with quality training.


Product Spotlight: Zero Suicide Alliance

The Zero Suicide Alliance is a coalition of National Health Service trusts, businesses, and individuals committed to suicide prevention in the UK and beyond

Post-Acute Care

Ohio Healthcare Organization (OHCA)

OHCA wanted a basic level eLearning solution to replace an existing self-paced program for training nursing home administrators

video testimonial Public Safety

User-Friendly and Interactive for All Technology Skill Levels

Video: Hear Jolie Daugherty, the training manager for GEO Group, describe how they use Relias to train their staff in their facilities.

Health and Human Services

Vernova “Caring Together” Microlearning series

Vernova and Relias create the Caring Together Series to prepare a group of General Practitioners (GPs) working with the UK’s NHS for a new way of working.

Course Content

National Council's Mental Health First Aid Recertification

National Council needed a way to allow nearly 750,000 people certified in Mental Health First Aid to easily renew their certification.

video testimonial Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Improving Independence for Individuals with IDD

Video: Learn how Innovative Resources for Independence leverages Relias to develop their staff and improve service quality for the individuals they serve.

video testimonial Applied Behavior Analysis & Autism

Solid Foundation for Staff Development

Video: Anderson Center for Autism, (ACA), is a world-class provider of services for those with autism. Their philosophy, which is the foundation of all they do, is that all people deserve to live a life of quality.

video testimonial Public Safety

Relias and Coastal Horizons Treatment Accountability for Safer Communities (TASC): A True Partnership

Video: With populations running the gamut of society, there is an incredible cost to the state. Hear how the NC TASC partners with Relias to adapt to an every changing environment in Public Safety and Public Health.

Acute Care

How Relias Learning is the Solution for Small Operating Budgets

Learn how Edgerton Hospital and Health Services in Edgerton, WI saved over $16,000 a year by completing training online with Relias.

Senior Care

Fortis Implements Extensive CIA Training Requirements and Transitions to a Culture of eLearning That Is Boosting Compliance and Staff Satisfaction

Read how Fortis eliminated new hire and rehire training redundancies and added the ability to create innovative courses to meet growing learning needs.

Senior Care

Americare Builds Custom Content to Optimize Person-Centered Care and Uphold High Standards

The course helps communicate standards while giving real-life scenarios to help our communication with each employee.

Acute Care

Improving Patient Safety

Read how BETA Healthcare Group implementing targeted learning helped reduce risk by over 50 percent.

video testimonial Health and Human Services

Provide Development Opportunities for Rural Staff

Video: North Sound BHO is one of the Behavioral Health Organizations that provides care to individuals and families in multiple counties in the northern part of Washington state.

Health and Human Services

Creating Excellent Managers out of Excellent Clinicians

Learn how Aspire Health Partners got all their leaders on the same page with Relias and National Council Certificates of Excellence.

Health and Human Services

Not All Online Learning is Created Equal

Equally important to finding a learning management system is finding one that meets all your organization’s needs.

Health and Human Services

Preparation for CARF Accreditation Made Easier with Relias

When Maryland changed their state licensing requirements, providers had to seek accreditation. Hear how one Relias client managed the process.

Health and Human Services

Improving the Quality of Care Provided

A diverse behavioral health organization operating in multiple states and opening new programs needed a scalable way to train staff.

Health and Human Services

Manage State Specific and Payer Requirements

Hear how one Relias client manages regulations across multiple states for a variety of programs under multiple contracts.

Health and Human Services

Managing Regulatory and Clinical Training Needs of a Diverse Team

Keeping up with New York regulations, payer requirements, and professional licensing for a variety of staff is challenging but achievable.

Health and Human Services

Save Money and Help Staff Provide Care Faster

Learn how one of the largest national providers of accessible, outcome-based behavioral and mental health services saved over $1 million annually by improving new hire training.

Staff Recruiting, Onboarding, and Retention

How Nurse Assessments Can Reduce Onboarding Time

Like many health systems challenged with attracting and retaining high performing employees, a Prophecy client invested in strategies to reduce nurse turnover.

Staff Recruiting, Onboarding, and Retention

How Pre-Hire Assessments Can Lower Nurse Turnover Rate by up to 81%

As a part of a nurse retention strategy focused on data insights, Mission Health began using Relias Assessments to reduce turnover.

Health and Human Services

Whole Person Care Enhanced through Training

Learn how Implementing Relias played a key part in helping Kitsap Mental Health Services transform into a modern behavioral health agency.

video testimonial Health and Human Services

Prepare Staff for Real World Work

Video: Providing help conveniently and quickly with rapid appointments and crisis response services is part of the Shorehaven philosophy.

Acute Care

How One Hospital Saves $90,000 Every Year with Relias

Learn how Grant Regional Health Center located in Lancaster, WI saves $90,000 every year with Relias.

Acute Care

A Win-Win Solution to Meet Your Education and Budget Needs

Learn how Rusk County Memorial Hospital in Ladysmith, WI saved more than $4,500 per year with online training solutions from Relias.

Acute Care

How Switching to Relias Saves Time and Money

Learn how Clay County Hospital in Flora, Illinois saved time and money by switching to Relias for training and continuing education.

video testimonial Health and Human Services

Receive Awards from Funders

Video: RI International is a global organization with more than 51 programs located throughout the United States and abroad.

Staff Recruiting, Onboarding, and Retention

How Trinity West Michigan, Mercy Health St. Mary’s Used Relias Assessments to Lower Turnover, Improve Satisfaction and Increase Retention of New Grad Nurses

Learn how Trinity West Michigan, Mercy Health Saint Mary’s used Relias Assessments to lower turnover, improve satisfaction and increase retention of new grad nurses.

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Relias Makes a Meaningful Impact on The Arc of Harrisonburg and Rockingham

The Arc of Harrisonburg and Rockingham needed to have visibility of completed training, ensure on-time completion, and assign training to specific roles and new hires.

Public Safety

The Arkansas Department of Correction Increases Training by over 400% with Relias

A high turnover rate of over 42% for correctional officers at the ADC was placing strain on the agency.

video testimonial Health and Human Services

Impactful Learning Without the Impact on Staff Time

Video: Shorehaven's vision is to be a leading regional recovery center for mental health, substance abuse, co-occurring disorders, child, and couple and family problems.

video testimonial Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Onboarding Training Made Easy

Video: Mike Bell of The Arc of the Midlands sat down with the Relias team to talk about his organization's experience using a comprehensive learning management system.

video testimonial Senior Care

Training for All

Video: With Relias, trouble with tracking and holding people accountable are things of the past. She can confidently ensure that ALL the staff are trained and equipped for the future.

video testimonial Senior Care

Develop Your Next Leaders

Video: By investing in their professional development and tailoring their learning with Relias, Ted is “home growing” his talent and building a team of future leaders for Carolina Meadows.

video testimonial Public Safety

Provide Training Anytime and Anywhere: Keep Officers on the Job

Video: In person training means finding additional officers to backfill empty posts. Learn how Sgt. Keith provides online training anytime and anywhere for his officers.

Health and Human Services

How the Sarah A. Reed Children’s Center Improved Compliance by 36% with Relias Learning

See how Sarah A. Reed Children’s Center in Erie, Pennsylvania improved compliance by 36% and saved hours of time per week managing training records.


Post-Merger Integration of Thousands of Employees Was Easier by Using Relias at Every Stage

Bringing two large companies together after the merger was challenging. Beacon used Relias every step of the way with the integration process; corporate structure, and onboarding.


Improved Tracking and Reporting of Training, but Most Importantly, Better Accountability at All Levels

The enhanced reporting not only saves them time and money, but they can better prove what training was provided and analyze the data to identify areas that need additional focus.

video testimonial Health and Human Services

Consistent Training Across the Organization

Video: South Shore Mental Health is a leader in providing services for children, teens, and adults experiencing serious emotional problems, behavioral issues, developmental disabilities, and substance abuse.

video testimonial Senior Care

Improve Satisfaction and Outcomes with Education

Video: Jennifer Soccio, and her team at Creative Solutions in Healthcare, are committed to taking care of people and giving them the best possible outcome.

video testimonial Employee Engagement

Comprehensive Training for All Staff and the People They Serve

Video: Kelli Houston understands the value of innovative learning and comprehensive training plans, and she shares about her experience finding a solid training partner in Relias.

video testimonial Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Efficient and Effective Training

Video: Peter Wright speaks to the depth and breadth that Relias’ LMS offered, as well as its robust support and user friendly interface, allowing him the flexibility to create more impactful training.

video testimonial Senior Care

Higher Level of Care through Great Customer Service

Video: According to Robert Vardaman, with TLC Management, there is a direct correlation between increasing level of care and fully utilizing Relias.

video testimonial Health and Human Services

High Quality Training You Need

Video: CenterPointe makes pivotal treatment available for people suffering from mental health and substance use disorders.

video testimonial Health and Human Services

Simplify Reporting and Tracking

Video: Wheeler Clinic is a Joint Commission accredited organization that provides comprehensive solutions that address complex health issues.

video testimonial Senior Care

Committed to Customer Service

Video: Is it possible to find an LMS with both quantity and quality content? This is what Greg Smith was charged to figure out for his rapidly expanding company.

video testimonial Health and Human Services

Take Better Care of Staff

Video: The members of the Coalition help millions of children and their families every day through mission-driven organizations dedicated to providing the services that children and families need.

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Relias Makes a Meaningful Impact on Las Animas County Rehabilitation Center’s Business Challenges

Read how the Las Animas County Rehabilitation Center saved money, reduced turnover, and improved organizational performance with Relias.

video testimonial Health and Human Services

Consistent Training Supports Impactful Community Work

Video: The Mental Health Center of Denver is a place for recovery, resilience and well-being, known locally and nationally as a model for innovative and effective community behavioral healthcare.

video testimonial Health and Human Services

Improve the Quality of Care Provided

Video: Lifewell Behavioral Wellness is a non-profit integrated healthcare agency operating multiple locations across Arizona.

video testimonial Health and Human Services

Easily Accessible

Video: Hear how ANDRUS Children's Center found a better way to get the right training to the right staff at the right time; when it's convenient.

video testimonial Health and Human Services

Take Training to the Next Level

Video: OACHC's Mission is to ensure access to high-quality affordable health care for all Ohioans through the growth and development of Ohio's Community Health Centers.

video testimonial Senior Care

Achieving 5-Star Ratings

Video: Diane credits Relias for improving their quality of care. Her proof? Their 5-star ratings for all 20 facilities.

Health and Human Services

Interview with the Centerstone of Tennessee

Read how Centerstone of Tennessee improved their compliance rate to 98% compliance after implementing Relias.

video testimonial Health and Human Services

Save Time on Staff Training

Video: The Authority provides a continuum of mental health services for persons with mental illness in a four county area in central Alabama, which includes Montgomery County, Autauga County, Elmore County and Lowndes County.

video testimonial Health and Human Services

National Council 2016 Champions of Excellence Award Winner

Video: In 2015, during their strategic planning process, ATS engaged in an organization-wide effort to enhance and standardize their training and workforce development offerings.

video testimonial Health and Human Services

Track Your Learners and Increase Retention

Video: McClendon Center serves the needs of adults diagnosed with serious mental illness through our Core Services Agency, Day Program and other services.

video testimonial Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

An Efficient Way to Deliver Training

Video: Hear from Thomas Stallings, a Clinical Supervisor at Easter Seals, about how Relias helps their organization to provide better quality care for the indivduals they support.

video testimonial Senior Care

Customized Solutions

Video: Andy Thain understands the value and importance of proper training in a personal way, having lived with cerebral palsy from a very young age.

video testimonial Senior Care

The Right Learning Management Solution

Video: Mark Philbrick of Transitions LifeCare in Raleigh, NC shares why his organization moved their training from one learning management system over to Relias.

video testimonial Health and Human Services

A Training Tool That Grows With Your Business

Video: HealthLinc is a Federally Qualified Health Center and Patient-Centered Medical Home that has served Indiana for over 20 years.

video testimonial Health and Human Services

Free Up the Training Process

Video: Jodie Hansen shares how Sweetser mental health organization turned to Relias and completely freed up the entire training process, allowing the training staff to focus on quality.

video testimonial Health and Human Services

Make a Bigger Impact

Video: Kim Starr McCain shares how SCO Family of Services is able to personalize their training and make a bigger impact in the lives of the individuals they serve by partnering with Relias.

video testimonial Senior Care

Compliance Training Made Easy

Video: Melissa Broy Fortson shares how her organization of 3,500 employees partnered with Relias and went from 70% training compliance to 97% in a year's time.

video testimonial Health and Human Services

Improve Training Content and Curriculum

Video: Kevin Ramirez shares how Relias allows him to focus on improving his organization's youth services training content instead of worrying about compliance and reporting.

video testimonial Senior Care

Simplify Training

Video: Amy Park shares her story about how Kisco Senior Living made their jobs and lives easier by throwing out the training attendance sheets and binders.

Senior Care

Interview with Friendship Retirement Community

Read how Frienship Retirement Community provides quality residential and clinical services to residents with the help of Relias.

Applied Behavior Analysis & Autism

Interview with Behavior Care Specialists, Inc.

Hear how Behavior Care Specialists Inc is using Relias to get their staff up to the current status that’s required for Applied Behavior Analysis.

Senior Care

Knocking Down Educational and Training Barriers with Cutting-Edge Technology

Learn how California Veterans utilizes Relias to help train all personnel with less time, effort, and financial burden to their organization.

Senior Care

Interview with Woodlands Retirement Community

Relias has more than just mandatories so you can assign courses that your staff want to take, not just the annuals.

Health and Human Services

Interview with Four Oaks Family and Children’s Services

Read how Four Oaks Family and Children's Services in Iowa utilized Relias to boost compliance and saved $30,000 in their first year.

Senior Care

Accessible Online Training

Online learning allowed Wheat State to make training easy and accessible for students while saving money and time for the organization.

video testimonial Corrections

Decreasing Liability by Raising the Level of Performance

Video: Corporal Harris, Training Officer with Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office describes how using Relias to train and onboard new hires streamlines the process.

video testimonial Public Safety

Succeeding With 21st Century Technology

Video: Sgt. Elmer Horn with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office discusses how they have reduced the overtime hours for officers while increasing their training hours.

video testimonial Senior Care

All In One: Education and Compliance

Video: Marsha Boswell, director of education of the largest privately owned home care agency in Alabama, knew it was time for a different approach to training and maintaining compliance.

Public Safety

Interview with the Ramsey County Correctional Facility

The important part Relias was getting training to our staff, not only to satisfy certain requirements, but in a way that would benefit them and keep things moving forward.

Senior Care

Interview with Hospice of Texarkana

The ease of use of using the system, for both the administrators and the learners. Trying to get everyone together is impossible so the biggest benefit is convenience for us.

Senior Care

Interview with United Hospice of Rockland

Read how United Hospice of Rockland signed on with Relias to maintain certifications and take their training into the 21st century.

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

A Dynamic, Convenient Approach to Training Multiple Agencies

From the time of its implementation, Relias training has proven to provide agencies in the state with the necessary diversity in course content.

Public Safety

Travel-Free Training Cuts Costs by 50%

This elimination of travel has helped the 25th Judicial District cut their training costs by 25%- 50% while still being able to provide a wide variety of content.

Public Safety

Online Training Relieves Scheduling Headaches

Staff can get online day or night 7 days a week to complete their training obligations, which has relieved employees’ time spent away from the job.