Modernizing Training in a Critical Access Hospital (CAH): The Relias Advantage


Cleveland Area Hospital is located in Cleveland, OK. It houses 14 beds and 135 employees. Services the hospital offers include MRI, CT, ultrasound, multi-provider primary care clinic, 24-hour lab, radiology, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and an emergency room.

A Cost-Effective System

Cleveland Area Hospital devoted a significant amount of time and money to training-related travel, tracking and overtime expenses. After switching to the Relias learning management system (LMS), staff can complete courses and learning hours without traveling or missing work hours.

Additionally, Merriman reports that before Relias, training and tracking required two fulltime employees. Now it can be done in about a fourth of that time. That has added up to big savings on staffing costs.

Improved Communication

The Relias LMS has resulted in improved — and measurable — communication among staff. “Before, it was hard to track whether or not employees had read pieces of important information, like policy changes. Now we just upload it, they complete a survey stating they have read and understand the material, and we can track who has completed and who has not.”

Annual Savings chart


“We’re getting creative, we have something we need to share with the staff and we immediately think, ‘How can we load it into the Relias LMS so we can track it?’”

-Jaime Merriman, BSN, RN, Director of Training, Education and Compliance

Excellent Customer Service

“Relias has been great to work with,” says Merriman. “If anything comes up, I call or email and they get back to me quickly.” Relias empowers healthcare leaders to invest in their teams’ education by accessing an expansive library of digital content. As new content and courses are updated and added, Relias client care representatives work closely with clients to ensure they’re maximizing the benefits of the Relias Platform.


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