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Public Safety

Powerful learning management solutions for public safety professionals

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Effective, interactive training designed specifically for corrections and law enforcement professionals providing quality services in our communities.


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Let your staff train anytime, anywhere, reducing training concerns and overtime expenses.

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AJA, APPA, and POST work with Relias to ensure the integrity and effectiveness of our training.
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Lake County Sheriff's Office (IL)

Blending New and Traditional Training Methods

Sgt. Keith Kaiser shares about one of the challenges of a traditional training program. Taking officers off the street or out of jails, to have them present at physical training locations means finding additional officers to backfill empty posts. By bringing in new technology, Keith provides online training anytime and anywhere for his officers.


“We are able to blend the existing way we have done business as a training function, with new technological aspects.”

Sergeant Keith Kaiser
Director of Training, Lake County Sheriff’s Office


Law Enforcement

Training and tools designed specifically for sworn and civilian law enforcement professionals providing quality services in our communities.
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Corrections and Community Corrections

Effective, interactive training designed specifically to address the needs of correctional officers and line staff who work with individuals who are incarcerated, under supervision or re-entering society.
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Juvenile Services Training

Relias offers a comprehensive library of online courses for professionals who work with a juvenile population.

Our juvenile services courses are an important part of both our Corrections Essentials and Community Corrections Essentials libraries. The courses are designed to engage learners through an interactive learning environment and written by corrections professionals with expertise in their course subject areas. Each course is self-paced and includes a final exam; certificates may be printed upon successful completion of the course.

Officer with children

State of Staff Development and Training Report

Public Safety Edition

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How Do You Measure Up?

We surveyed more than 190 law enforcement and public safety professionals to obtain an industry perspective on staff development and training issues. For the first time, organizations will have the opportunity to benchmark their current practices and beliefs against a national sample on everything from training topics, budgets, regulation and technology.


We work with industry-leading partners to ensure our training meets your training needs.

Franklin University COHPA
American Probation and Parole Association
National Partnership for Juvenile Services
Crisis management basics
Learn detailed strategies for how to prevent the development of crises, as well as how to effectively intervene when people are in full blown crises in a way that supports recovery and safety
PREA: Staff Roles and Responsibilities Under the Prison Rape Elimination Act
A compilation of two courses on PREA: (1) PREA: What it Means for You and Your Agency, and (2) PREA: Sexual Abuse-Dynamics, Detection, and Reporting
Treating the Opiate Epidemic
Covers buprenorphine and its clinical use in detail including short and long term outcomes, and covers psychosocial interventions to be used with these medications and emphasize the need for more buprenorphine prescribers.
Evidence-Based Practices in Supported Employment Part 1
Discover that evidence that shows that a form of supported employment, individual placement and support (IPS), built on the values of belief in the potential success of individuals with severe mental illness, is a proven way to assist those job seekers in getting and keeping competitive employment
Racial and Bias Based Profiling 1.0
In this course, we discuss the various aspects of such prejudices, and how officers can operate effectively without being influenced by local prejudices.
Active Shooter Response 1.0
This course of study presents several important aspects relating to responding to an active shooter scenario. A real case study of a past active shooter situation is presented in this course. We also present first responder, individual, and team tactics and other important safety skills.
Use of Force and Deadly Force 1.0
Reviews the critical fundamentals of Use of Force, and what officers need to know and act on when applying various force options. The overall goal of this course is to save lives.
Managing Resistance
This course gives correctional counselors and treatment providers working in corrections a refresher on techniques for managing resistance in the context of working with persons who are incarcerated or are on community supervision to improve treatment outcomes, and strategies on recognizing and managing resistance.
Overview of mental health for public safety professionals
Learn what mental illness is, its causes, and some of the myths. Also learn general information about, and symptoms of, common mental disorders that you may notice among justice-involved individuals so that you can make appropriate and timely referrals for assessment, intervention, and treatment.
Overview of Suicide Prevention for Corrections Professionals
be better able to recognize suicide risk behaviors, how substance abuse and mental health issues contribute to suicide risk, and prevention and early intervention techniques to better address suicide risk. Your knowledge will be tested through interactive lessons, descriptive examples, and informative instruction.

Public Safety Resources

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July 24 , 2018

Health and Human Services Public Safety Opioid Addiction Analytics Learning

Spotlight on Opioid Crisis Response in Ohio

In this on-demand webinar, Dr. McCombs outlines the success of Project FORT in Ohio. He shares what he has learned about creating good outcomes via evidence-based opioid response plans from his work as the chair of a subcommittee on quality assurance.


November 09 , 2017

Public Safety Corrections

Mental Health in Public Safety

This webinar provides a basic overview of what mental illness looks like in an offender and a brief discussion on the overlap of mental illness and the criminal justice system.

White Paper

June 29 , 2017

Public Safety Corrections PREA

10 Point PREA Audit Checklist

To be in compliance, it is important your organization be ready for a PREA audit at any time. These tips range across the entire spectrum of the audit process.