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Applied Behavior Analysis & Autism

Powerful learning management solutions for agencies, schools, and universities.

Save Time and Money

Let us help solve your business challenges by providing convenient, effective training for Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) and other autism professionals.

Your Unique Needs

Your Unique Needs

Access Relias' ABA/autism courses or add your own. You can even manage live training programs.

Increase Treatment Fidelity

Increase Treatment Fidelity

Increase client outcomes by 136% through the use of video, virtual practice and learner engagement tools.

save time and money

Save Time, Money & Reduce Turnover

Save up to 320 administrative hours each year, increase annual billable hours by $15,000 on average, and reduce turnover.

Reduce Problem Behavior

Improve outcomes by providing staff with access to effective strategies for managing problem behavior

Provide the Right Tools

Reducing problem behavior is at the heart of a behavior analyst's role; in fact, it is an area in which they excel.

There are, however, individual-specific behaviors that can be a bit more challenging than others to address, for example: displays of consistent, low-level aggression, self-injury or toilet training for older children.

Relias can help equip your staff with the skills and confidence they need to effectively address a wide variety of problem behaviors, while improving treatment outcomes.

Reduce Problem Behavior

Reduce Turnover

Avoid turnover with an increased focus on employee wellness and professional development.

Reduce Turnover

Retain Valuable Staff

With the increasing rate of people requiring services, many BCBAs, RBTs and other autism professionals are experiencing a high level of burnout - one of the leading causes of turnover.

ABA agency directors are spending an exorbitant amount of time on staffing while managing a multitude of other priorities including supervising, taking on a growing number of clients, getting treatment compliance from parents and ensuring treatment fidelity among staff.

Relias Learning has tools, resources and courses to help your staff feel engaged, appreciated and fully supported so that retention is one less priority you have to manage.

Evidence-Based Courses

Customize your own training program or use a standardized program that follows the BACB RBT Task List, and meets insurance, government and organizational training requirements.

Customizable Solutions

Relias offers standardized training programs for organizations that need to meet insurance, government and/or credentialing requirements. The Relias Learning ABA Library was written specifically to satisfy learning requirements of behavior technicians, behavior analysts and other autism professionals. Relias customers have unlimited access to the Registered Behavior Techniciancurriculum, BCBA Supervision training and 55+ CEs (including ethics).


For organizations that want to customize their own training, Relias offers 170+ evidence-based topics in Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism, including Discrete Trial, Intensive Trial Teaching, Naturalistic Teaching Strategies, Behavior Reinforcement, Behavior Reduction and Verbal Behavior.

  • Teaching New Behavior
  • Teaching New Behavior
  • Teaching New Behavior
  • Teaching New Behavior

Solutions for All Industries

Agencies, schools, universities and licensed professionals use Relias.


Service Provider Agencies

Implement online technology within your agency to create custom, online training solutions to reduce costs, increase billable hours, meet industry regulations and improve staff performance.
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Use our FBA, assessment, and data and graphing courses to help lay the foundation for your staff to produce FBAs that lead to interventions with measurable results.
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Strengthen face-to-face and online Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Special Education degree programs by providing students the opportunity to watch interventions and practice implementing procedures with virtual students.
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Optimize Performance

Automate, manage and track all of your training with the Relias LMS to meet the demands of change.

Flexible Features

In the ever-changing landscape of autism and applied behavior analysis, where value wins over volume, simply meeting regulatory requirements is no longer enough. Bold new strategies and business models must be executed. Now more than ever, executives in the field of ABA are asking for solutions to accelerate change throughout their workforce to drive faster results.

Relias offers a large selection of features and customizations for agencies, classrooms, universities and individuals to meet your unique training needs, including tracking and reporting, curriculum assignment, custom course creation, employee enrollment, training plans and live training management.


Additional Specialties

Specializations related to autism and applied behavior analysis

Service Providers
Individual Courses

Relias Learning provides Type 2 CEs and training courses that meet the
Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) Task List and Supervisor Training Curriculum Outline.

Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) Competency Assessment Checklist
The BACB created an RBT Competency Assessment to assess skills listed from the RBT task list. The Competency Assessment is necessary to meet initial and annual
The Role of the Behavior Analyst in Medication Management of Children with Autism
The webinar will address psychotropic medications commonly prescribed to children with ASD.
Registered Behavior Technician Practice Exam

This module is a practice resource for the Registered Behavior Technician Exam. It includes 75 multiple-choice questions that align with the items on the BACBs RBT Task List and match the question distribution on the BACBs RBT Exam. The Practice...

RBT Suggested Training Sequence
This is the suggested module sequence for the 40 hour RBT training curriculum. These modules should be completed within 180 days to be able to be applied towards the RBT credential. This training is based off the Registered Behavior Technician Task...
Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) Competency Assessment
The BACBs RBT Competency Assessment is the basis for the initial and annual assessment requirements for the RBT credential. The assessments administration i
The Asperger's Difference
With over 30 years of experience supporting individuals with Asperger's Syndrome, Jayme Wolff MA, CAS will answer a wide range of questions, including - What
Teaching Educators to do Behavior Assessments
Problem behaviors impede a student's ability to learn. In order to provide effective strategies to prevent or reduce problem behaviors, the teacher must be able
Group Instruction for Kids Who Hate Group Instruction
This webinar will provide information on the deficits that many children with autism have and why these deficits prevent learning in group situations. It will d
Ten Key Components Needed for an Effective Autism Program
In this webinar, you will not only learn about the ten steps but be given valuable examples, so that you can implement therapy with fidelity. As an added bonus,


April 10 , 2018

Applied Behavior Analysis Leadership Development

Leading an ABA Organization: Developing a Leadership Culture

Watch this webinar for an overview of best practices in business leadership and practical tips from a leader versed in the challenges of running an ABA organization. Prepare to meet your leader – it's within you!


March 20 , 2018

Applied Behavior Analysis RBT Behaviorbabe

Is Your School/Agency Ready for RBTs?

If you are struggling with positive behavior support implementation and improving the quality of interventions by your paraprofessional staff, you might be considering the RBT credential as a solution. Watch this webinar to review factors to determine if the RBT credential is the best next step for your agency or school.


February 27 , 2018

Applied Behavior Analysis Staff Recruiting, Onboarding, and Retention

How ACT and OBM Benefit Your ABA Agency

This webinar will provide you with simple strategies to use in your work to help create a more committed staff that will ultimately improve the quality of services, reduce turnover, and save money for your agency.