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Improve Training Content and Curriculum

Kevin Ramirez from Southwest Key Programs shares how Relias allows him to focus on improving his organization’s youth services training content instead of worrying about compliance and reporting.

A national, nonprofit organization, Southwest Key is committed to keeping kids out of institutions and home with their families, in their communities. They do this through three areas of programming: youth justice alternatives, immigrant children’s shelters, and education. Southwest Key also seeks to create opportunities for families to become self-sufficient by offering programming in adult education, community building and workforce development. The mission statement of Southwest Key is opening doors to opportunity so individuals can achieve their dreams.” Since opening in 1987, Southwest Key has grown to 87 programs in 7 states serving children and families to achieve their dreams

“Now with this user interface and everything being automated and running very smoothly, I’m able to work on the content of curriculum to enhance it.”

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