How the Arkansas Doc Saves Thousands of Dollars in Overtime and Travel Costs by Training 2,000 Staff with Relias

Hear Kathy Lowery describe how they save money by using Relias to train their corrections staff in 20 institutions via their single training academy. They use the training to teach new and senior staff to respond to emergent situations as safely as possible. In 2010, the Arkansas Department of Corrections contracted for 1000 training seats, and in that first year saved $42,000 on travel time and overtime. They now have 2000 seats, and they have found great success with everyone being taught the same content with the same verbiage, so that correctional officers all know the policy and are taught to respond to incidents in a uniform way.

I would describe Relias as professional and vital, and even though I am a training, there is nothing like one on one training. But you can’t fully encompass everything a corrections officer needs to know. So Relias really helps us tremendously.

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