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Interview with the Centerstone of Tennessee

Centerstone of Tennessee is a CARF accredited Health and Human Services organization providing a broad range of professional services, including mental health services, substance abuse treatment and educational services, to meet the behavioral healthcare needs of individuals and families in multiple states.



Centerstone needed to track and manage training requirements for over 2,000 staff across multiple states in multiple locations. Training was inconsistent, managed locally at the program level and recorded in spreadsheets without any centralized reporting. Typically training was completed live which meant additional scheduling challenges, costs and problems getting everyone trained. Audits were challenging and time consuming,; they had to check with five different departments to piece together the compliance reports needed in order to be prepared for the state auditors. Staff struggled to get access to training topics needed for the variety of services provided, often due to the cost and hassle of traveling to live training events. Training was managed in an inconsistent and haphazard manner, described as “stepping back into the dark ages”.



Just as Jack had accomplished at his prior workplace for over 27,000 employees, he was able to work with Relias Learning to implement the Learning Management System and industry specific libraries for Centerstone. Despite a variety in levels of technology experience, the implementation process was smooth, and was completed in an excellent and realistic timeline. Centerstone was able to accomplish two main goals: “raise compliance and provide more education opportunities to staff. Relias has helped me to do both.”

“With the system, I have managed to bring overall training compliance up from 75% to 98%, which is fantastic.”



Centerstone has improved compliance significantly. They now have a streamlined and easy to use tracking and reporting system and best of all, staff who are excited about finidng new learning opportunities to improve how they deliver services and obtain continuing education credits needed for professional license renewal.

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