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Beacon Health Options (Beacon) created by the merger of behavioral health companies, Beacon Health Strategies and ValueOptions, serves more than 50 million people across the US and UK. Beacon has more than 70 locations throughout the US, over 5,000 employees, over 200 employer clients and partners with over 100 health plans. Beacon is accreditated by URAC and NCQA.



Training was primarily conducted live with a team of trainers traveling all over the country. As a payer managing multiple contracts with locations all over the country, “we get audited weekly,” says Barbara Mazzola, AVP of Training and Development for Beacon Health Strategies.

To keep up with audit reporting, they need a centralized and easyto-use system. In addition, they needed to ensure their trainers are providing the correct content and employees learning and retaining what was taught. Every time something went wrong or there was a question, “it went back to ‘we weren’t trained,’” says Barbara Mazzola, and they struggled with accountability.



Beacon implemented Relias Learning to manage training for employees, providers and contracts. They used it to deliver online training, track and better manage live training, created custom training to meet specific regulatory and contractual requirements and even track non-training requirements.

The enhanced reporting not only saves them time and money, but they can better prove what training was provided, learner retention and analyze the data to identify areas that need additional focus.

“Before Relias, one employee spent over 8 hours a day, every day for a month to build reports to track annually training. After Relias, just pull a report and you’re done.”



  • Eliminated dozens of days of FTE work on manual reporting every year.
  • Improved consistency of information delivered across multiple locations.
  • More efficiently manage the training requirements of multiple contracts and regulatory agencies, including CMS, NCQA, URAC.

Beacon Health Options

70 Locations Throughout the US
Behavioral Health / Payers

Top Three Benefits

  • 1. Improved Reporting.
  • 2. Accountability and training follow-up.
  • 3. Better use of staff time.

50 million

people served across the US and UK

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