Sgt. Elmer Horn with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office discusses how they have reduced the overtime hours for officers while increasing their training hours. His officers and staff demonstrate real incorporation of the training material into their jobs, and his department sees a reduction in mistakes and this mitigates the risk to his department. Watch the video to see why he thinks his officers now enjoy the training with Relias and his department is embracing 21st century technology.

“We dont have to pay overtime for a deputy to come in and sit in a classroom…we put that class out there online and they can go to work, and when they are at work when they have downtime they can pull it up on the internet, they can take the class, take the exam.”


Douglas County Sheriff's Office

Georgia Law Enforcement / Corrections

Top Benefits

  • Saves on overtime costs
  • Officers and staff enjoy the courses and training
  • Apply what they have learned on the job to reduce mistakes


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