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Health & Human Services

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From ensuring regulatory compliance, to staff retention, to quality outcomes that can impact the people you serve, your reimbursements, and your bottom line. At Relias, we don’t just understand your challenges; we are the leader at applying learning strategies to solve them. We partner with industry leading organizations such as the National Council for Behavioral Health, ANCOR, and more. Our partnership with Skillsoft® brings Fortune 100 business skills to HHS providers for the first time ever. And our advanced Learning Management System saves you time and money.

Person-Centered Care

Shared decision-making, partnership, and respect for those you serve

The person served by your organization is the expert

Person centered care starts with the person receiving services as the center of all decisions made. The people who work at your organization help those you serve to maintain control over their own lives and be self-directed in attaining their goals. An organization that understands the community, provides a respectful environment and works as a partner with those served employs skilled and talented staff. Truly partnering with those you serve is a skill that needs to be taught and practiced, at all levels.

The model of care where the expert professional creates the treatment plan based on services offered and what’s available, is in the past. Effective care and long-lasting change involves putting the needs of the people you serve first and working together to create a plan.

person centered care

Professional Competency

Service delivery starts with well-trained, competent and high-performing employees

Professional Competency

Everyone at your organization is responsible for quality care

Every touch point at your organization should be meaningful and appropriate for the people you serve - not only interactions with direct care staff, but with all employees.

High quality care requires thorough screening, knowledge of medical conditions, and the ability to coordinate with other providers. Today’s workers need to know more and do more today than the providers of 10 to 20 years ago. From initial contact, to assessment, and all the way through to service delivery, staff need to be able to assess and treat multiple conditions and more complex presenting problems.

Quality of Care

High quality care starts with high quality professionals

Achieving competency can be easier

Successful health and human services organizations are providing services for their entire community. This involves multiple programs and locations and different service settings. Today’s human services worker treats everything from chronic health care supports to mental illness and addiction to intellectual and developmental disabilities and behavior supports. Working in the community means that staff need the knowledge and skills to make important decisions and do the right thing immediately.

Providing appropriate training to your staff on topics like best practices, safety, documentation, and disease management is challenging, but your staff development and training program must meet the needs of your employees and the people you serve.

Quality of Care


We work with industry-leading partners to ensure our training meets your training needs.

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