Pinpoint Knowledge Gaps and Increase Engagement Among Staff

Health and Human Services
Learning Management and Training

Strategies for Combining Assessments and Learning

Your staff is your greatest asset. From their investment in your clients’ success to their dedication to the field, your staff is the glue keeping your organization together. However, high caseloads, stressful environments, and technical knowledge gaps often make hiring, onboarding, and training difficult.

With the behavioral health workforce shortage only projected to get worse, it’s imperative that you implement strategies that improve the way you hire, onboard, and train your staff, including:

  • How to evaluate job-related competencies and measure soft skills critical for success in the behavioral health field
  • How to identify knowledge gaps in your staff training
  • How to create a training plan to grow and develop your staff


Justin Hess Ph.D.

Senior Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, pymetrics

Melissa Lewis-Stoner MSW, LCSW-C

Vice President of Product Management for Education, Relias

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