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Interview with Nancy Newton, RN, Clinical Educator and Tami Bayless, RN, MSN, Quality Manager at Clay County Hospital



Clay County Hospital is located in Flora, IL. It houses 20 beds and 325 employees in a 45,000-square foot facility with a 24/7 emergency department and four affiliated clinics. Services the hospital offers include diagnostic imaging, inpatient care, an infusion clinic, a memory clinic, behavioral health services, diabetes education, and surgery.


A Cost-Effective Change

Clay County Hospital was already working with a healthcare LMS when they made the move to Relias Learning*, and the investment to switch paid off almost immediately.

“Relias is actually 60% less expensive than our previous system when we take into account the money we save on IT support, extra skills days for staff, and educator hours,” Newton says.


A Better Employee and Patient Experience

The previous LMS was limited: technical difficulties were abundant, the course offerings were outdated and only applicable to nurses, and the hospital could not upload their own courses. System problems regularly prevented staff from being compliant on their training.

“We were looking for more flexibility in our healthcare LMS. We found it in Relias.” 
– Tami Bayless, RN, MSN, Quality Manager, 
Clay County Hospital

“With Relias, we found a much better product overall and a much more user-friendly system,” says Newton. “Employees appreciate it because they can get better courses completed faster and more efficiently. And happier staff makes for a better patient experience.”


Evidence-Based and Up-to-Date Courses

While Clay County’s last LMS had limited course offerings and a lack of new content, Relias provides a robust library of evidence-based courses that are refreshed monthly, and the hospital can even create and implement their own. “We’ve gotten several comments on the library,” says Newton. “Our employees appreciate that they get the option of learning formats.”

Superior customer service. Clay County experienced a lot of problems with their previous LMS when it came to technical and customer support. “On the rare occasion we do need customer support, Relias is unbelievably responsive and resolves the issues very fast,” Bayless says.

Quality product and programs. “We are able to monitor results more easily; we can run reports and also give permissions and access to department managers efficiently,” says Bayless. “Relias is much more user-friendly for our staff. The program is much better.”

Better use of staff time and talents. “Because Relias covers more disciplines,” says Bayless, “we have more time for hands-on medical staff training, like demonstrations and observations. Additionally, the time we save in staff hours doing things like scanning in reports and dealing with paper competencies allows us to use our administrative staff more efficiently.”

Clay County Hospital

Acute Care

Top Benefits

  • Cost savings for training and continuing education
  • Evidence-based, up-to-date courses
  • Easy for staff and administrators to use


saved every year by completing courses online


hours of staff time saved every month


credits completed since 2015

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