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Success Story

Smaller Organizations Grow and Thrive With Relias’ Help

The mission of Allen-Ayuk Behavioral Health Center is to promote growth and create an understanding through an individualized approach with a focus on self-advocacy, empowerment, and strengthening supports. They strive to help families grow, develop and stabilize through education and wellness. ABHC uses a person-centered, recovery based approach to provide comprehensive care and wrap-around support for individuals and families.


The Challenge

As a smaller organization of less than 30 employees, keeping everyone on the same page with consistent training was difficult, especially since administrative staff wear many hats. They wanted to grow the business, keep up with industry changes and ensure new staff get trained and work with clients as quickly as possible. In-person training, both in-house and sending people out, was taking time away from client care and administration completing their duties.


The Solution

Erica Thompson, CPRP, worked at another organization who used Relias and realized she could reduce the amount of time she was spending conducting in-person staff training and coordinating staff training with other members of leadership. Their process was often rushed and inefficient in order to get hires compliant with regulations prior to delivering services.

“The whole mental health field has experienced a huge shift in the last three years. You become extinct if you don’t change… You have to stay organic in your process.”
– Erica Thompson, CPRP. Rehabilitation Specialist

Once they implemented Relias, they could train new hires quickly and avoid delaying the time it took to work directly with clients. They also found themselves in a great position when the state mandated that behavioral health organizations become accredited. They successfully completed the accreditation process in approximately six months. “The crosswalk was amazing for us; we went through CARF without any outside consultation…Relias played an integral part in that process,” says Erica.

As a growing and expanding organization, the breadth of content in the library has helped licensed and unlicensed staff expand skills and competencies to deliver more services to a variety of client populations.

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