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Success Story

Ohio Health Care Association (OHCA)

The Business Goal

Convert self-study PDFs into an interactive experience. The client wanted a basic level e-learning solution to replace an existing self-paced program for training nursing home administrators to properly identify facility deficiencies.

The Behavioral Goal

Learners should be able to apply the Scope and Severity Grid to observed nursing home deficiencies.

The Process

Relias received the original source material: self-study PDFs. We analyzed the instructional tasks and activities that comprised the assignment and designed a brief, interactive e-learning module to increase learner engagement.

Once the instructional analysis was complete, we designed the content using a storyboard to communicate the content and course flow.

The Solution

The learning module content is identical to that presented in the PDF-based self-study handout. However, instead of reading through the information, the learner can explore the content using an interactive click-and-reveal grid.

After the learner reviews how to use the grid, they are walked through a scenario to reinforce how the grid is applied in a real-world situation.

Once the learner completes the course, they are assessed through an online exam in the Relias learning management system (LMS). They employ the grid as a job aid during the exam to reinforce how they will use it on the job.


Before (Below, left hand side.) A rather complex task is described via text. There is the possibility for learner confusion and lack of comprehension. While scenarios are provided, the absence of context makes applying the information more difficult.

After (Above, right hand side.) An interactive click and reveal walks the learner through the process using examples. The learner is able to explore the content applied through a true-to-life scenario.



Relias transformed a hard-to-digest handout into a visually appealing course, enabling learners to interact with the content and see it applied to relevant work situations.

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