Creating an Environment of Learning and Growth

National Lutheran is a senior care organization with the goal of providing the best possible care for seniors through opportunity and choice. Therese Provenchar, the Director of Education at National Lutheran, wanted to create an environment of learning and growth for her employees and turned to Relias to assist in helping to achieve her goals. She believes, “the better prepared and qualified our staff are, the better we are able to serve our seniors.” Therefore, she is always looking for ways to help her staff develop skills and grow in their career.

With a diverse staff, Therese needed a platform that met everyone’s educational needs from high school diploma to PhD.  Therese chose the Relias learning management system (LMS) because it allows for flexibility in courses and is easy for all employees to use effectively.

“To help us meet our goals of learning and growth for our employees so that we can better serve our seniors, Relias has given us the opportunity to be flexible with course content. It’s very user friendly”

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