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Predicting Successful Nursing Performance

Successful job performance is of paramount importance in the nursing profession because of the potentially dire consequences of poor job performance. While external factors, such as staff and workload issues, have an effect on job performance; internal factors such as personality, interpersonal competency, and communication abilities also play a large role. An assessment including a multifaceted approach to identifying these internal factors could predict successful nursing performance.

This article describes the creation and validation of 3 assessments measuring situational, clinical, and behavioral skills among nurses, demonstrating that these measures have the potential to identify nursing applicants that will perform average or above average on the job. These assessments reviewed in the study are offered through Relias Assessments.

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For more information, you can find the full study in the journal, Nursing Management.

CITATION: Kuthy, J. E., et al. (2013). "Predicting successful nursing performance." Nursing Management 44(1): 42-52.