interRAI Global Solutions

Comprehensive and Cost-Effective

Deliver standardized education on the original RAI and newer generation interRAI instruments.


Relias offers online learning for the newer generation interRAI suite to support numerous national and state variations of the instruments. Assessments include competency evaluations, education analytics and/or self-paced eLearning to evaluate learning progress.

interRAI HC – Home Care

Designed to assess persons with chronic needs as well as those with higher acuity needs. The Contact Assessment is brief, with three embedded algorithms.

interRAI ChYMH – Child & Youth Mental Health

The interRAI ChYMH instrument is a robust assessment tool, with a number of supplements and add-ons aimed at children 4 to 18 years of age.

interRAI LTCF – Long-Term Care Facility

An evaluation of the needs, strengths, and preferences of persons in the skilled nursing, chronic care and nursing home settings. It is the successor to RAI 2.0.

interRAI PC – Palliative Care

A comprehensive assessment of the strengths, preferences, and needs of adults in hospice and palliative care.


Relias offers online learning for the original set of RAI instruments. Provides clear learning objectives, comprehensive online instruction, and competency evaluations that allow learners and educators to evaluate learning progress.

RAI 2.0

Focused on the RAI 2.0 methodologies, including MDS 2.0, RAPs/CAPs, RUG III, Quality Indications, and Outcome Scales.


Focused on the RA-HC methodologies, including MDS coding, CAPs and Quality Indicators and Outcome Scales.