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Palliative Care Training

Powerful learning management solutions for palliative care professionals

Easier, Faster and Less Expensive

Relevant and engaging training that meets regulatory and compliance standards, while ensuring nurses, therapists, home health aides, and hospice volunteers are positioned to confidently provide specialized care and services.



Through partnerships with AAHPM and ELNEC, your staff will learn from national experts.



Help drive compliance with your training and continuous improvement programs.

"Just-In-Time" Training

Educate new and seasoned palliative care professionals with training for generalists and specialists — when and where they need it.

Improve Patient Outcomes

Holistic pain and symptom management, the hallmark of palliative care, improves patient outcomes

Palliative Care Library

The Relias palliative care library includes introductory and advanced courses for physicians, nurses, social workers, discharge planners, allied therapists, chaplains, case managers, direct care workers, and administrators working in:

  • Primary care
  • Hospitals
  • Health systems
  • Academic medical centers
  • Home health agencies
  • Skilled nursing facilities
  • Continuing care retirement communities and
  • Hospices

"Just-In-Time" Training

Prepare your clinicians to care for patients with complex, multifaceted pain and symptoms

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Are Your Clinician's Prepared?

Very few of today’s clinicians are prepared to address the complex care needs of people with advanced, serious illness.

Productivity standards, high acuity patients, staffing shortages and the 24/7 nature of most health care settings can leave staff education as the lowest priority in your busy organization.

Today’s clinicians need access to education and information on a “just-in-time” basis, allowing them to:

  • Quickly gain new knowledge to help a specific patient
  • Integrate professional development into their busy schedule
  • Work at their pace, starting and stopping modules as needed without having to start from scratch
  • Acquire continuing education credits to meet licensure requirements

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A Full Staff Solution

Educate new and seasoned palliative care professionals, with courses geared toward both palliative care generalists and specialists

Learning These Essential Skills is Critical

The Relias library offers robust content for everyone in your organization, from those new to palliative care to experienced palliative care specialists.

With the exception of hospices, most organizations have only a few dedicated palliative care staff, if any. All staff can benefit from learning these essential skills, demonstrated to improve patient outcomes, reduce costs and increase satisfaction:

  • Complex pain and symptom assessment and management
  • Care coordination with all the patient’s care providers
  • Patient goal identification, advance care planning and improved communication skills
  • Management of emotional and spiritual distress
  • Assessment of family caregiver and other social support status
  • Discharge planning and care transition management
Palliative care

AAHPM and ELNEC Content

Through partnerships with AAHPM and ELNEC, your staff will learn from national experts


The Courses You Need

As the nation’s leading professional society for palliative care physicians, content from the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine (AAHPM) represents the best online palliative care physician education on the market. The Relias AAHPM library features highly-rated courses addressing the most pressing issues in the clinical care of seriously ill individuals.

For nearly fifteen years, the End-of-Life Nursing Education Consortium (ELNEC) has developed nationally-recognized educational modules training nurses at the undergraduate and graduate levels as well as those working in diverse care settings.

In addition to the entire ELNEC Core training modules, the Relias library includes specialized training for those working in pediatrics, oncology, critical care and geriatrics as well as the ELNEC for Veterans series. You'll find more information about all the ELNEC courses here.

24/7 Access

Online education ensures that staff working all shifts have access to the highest quality education

Content for Every Member of Your Team

Alleviating the suffering of patients with unresolved pain and other symptom can’t wait until morning. Provide your staff with access to the nation’s most comprehensive library of palliative care clinical content.

The Relias palliative care library helps your staff learn the specific skills they need to know, when they need to know them, including how to:

  • Communicate bad news
  • Address ethical issues related to withholding or stopping treatment
  • Use Methadone as well as other pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic approaches pain management
  • Alleviate the suffering of patients with advance dementia
  • Recognize the signs and symptoms of approaching death

The Relias palliative care library offers content for every member of your team.

24/7 training content


We work with industry-leading partners to ensure our training meets your needs.

Make of Yourself a Light: Professional Caring
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Is It Time? Symptoms of Dying
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Caring for Patients with End Stage Neurological Diseases
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Cultural Competence and Humility in Palliative Care
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Family Challenges of Illness
Chronic, advanced, or terminal illness is not an individual crisis, but rather a family challenge. Illness threatens to destabilize the family system, thus impa
I Don't Know What to Say: Compassionate Conversations About Crisis & Care
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HFA Living with Grief: Coping with Public Tragedy
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Palliative Care Resources

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November 11 , 2015

Palliative Care Post-Acute Care RLMS

Palliative Care Training To Drive Outcomes

Learn how organizations are using palliative care training to measurably improve HCAHPS scores and clinical outcomes.

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June 09 , 2015

Hospice Palliative Care Post-Acute Care

Hospice Care: Introduction to Palliative Care

Palliative care is being embraced by healthcare payers and ACOs as a means of treating the whole patient.


August 28 , 2014

Hospice Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Palliative Care End of Life Care AAIDD

Key Issues in End of Life Care for People with IDD

This webinar explores challenges posed when supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities through end-of-life care, and presents tips.