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hospice training

Hospice & Palliative Care

Providing specialized care to individuals facing life threatening illness and those approaching end of life requires a compassionate, knowledgeable staff

Committing to Quality

Relias can help you overcome the challenges facing your organization to achieve your goals.

Creating a Culture of Quality

Creating a culture of quality starts with hiring the best staff.

Once a candidate is hired, effective onboarding is critical not only to performance, but also to show the employee that the organization is vested in their success. To navigate this process, Relias offers a three-pronged approach:


Pre and post-hire Prophecy® assessments enable organizations to identify and hire the best fit for the position and predict future success.

Personalized Onboarding

Customizing onboarding to meet the specific needs of a new hire makes the experience more interesting and relevant, enabling them to contribute quickly and effectively.

Engaging Content

Providing engaging training, created by subject matter experts, enables a learner to more readily recall and apply information in their everyday activities, ensuring better quality of care.


Master Compliance and Spend More Time on Quality

Alleviate stress and free up time for leaders and subject matter experts.

learning management system

Does it feel like you're spending valuable time chasing staff and volunteers to compile compliance reports from multiple sources instead of focusing on other, more pressing, issues?

Create a system that more efficiently and effectively delivers, manages and tracks regulatory compliance requirements. Alleviate stress and free up time for leaders and subject matter experts to focus on initiatives that drive performance and clinical outcomes.

Mandatory Training

We provide the training you need on regulatory topics so you can spend your time elsewhere.

Policies and Procedures

Save time, money, and paper by uploading, assigning, reviewing, and reporting on P&Ps, including version control.

Tracking and Reporting

Access the information you need during a survey or audit in 3 simple steps.

Develop Leaders

Hospice facilities and palliative care organizations need effective leadership to meet the challenges of a continually evolving healthcare system.

Train all members of your staff

Develop your high-performing employees into future leaders with the right set of workforce development tools and content.

Identify Gaps

Measure and assess your staff’s knowledge and skills utilizing tools that address competency and clinical proficiency.

Develop Skills

Specialized leadership and management training refines interpersonal and other managerial skills to improve organizational performance.

Measure Change

You can improve performance and retention of staff by creating the opportunity for professional growth with prescriptive training.

women working on laptop

Lowering Costs and Staying Competitive

With declining reimbursements and increased costs, competition among organizations grows.

24-7 Acceess

Choosing cost-saving options can be critical to the survival of your hospice or palliative care program. Because alleviating the suffering of patients with unresolved pain and other symptoms can’t wait, you need a plan of action to stay ahead of competition now.

Educate Efficiently

Online training reduces costs associated with in-person training, such as travel, overtime and time spent creating training, potentially saving you up to 50% on common training expenses.

Manage Effectively

Keep your team where they belong – at the bedside of your patients! Keep all your staff, whether remote, weekend or evening, on track with 24/7 access to the information they need to help patients.

Engage Employees

Great care comes from an engaged workforce. Encouraging self-care and incorporating innovative training technology, such as BrainSparks®, increases employee engagement, resident satisfaction, and your bottom line.


We work with industry-leading partners to ensure our training meets your training needs.


Additional Resources

While on your journey towards providing the best quality of care, here are a few resources to help you along the way.

Palliative Care Training Ebook

Palliative Training to Drive Outcomes


Learn how organizations are using palliative care training to measurably improve HCAHPS scores and clinical outcomes.

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Transitions LifeCare Video Success Story

Impact Story: Transitions LifeCare

Success Story

Hear why Mark Philbrick’s, Director of Education and Volunteer Services at Transitions LifeCare, organization moved their training from one learning management system over to Relias.

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Organization-Wide QAPI Program Webinar

Organization-Wide QAPI Program

On-Demand Webinar

We partnered up with Diane Link from BlackTree Consulting to discuss an overview of the requirements needed to develop a QAPI program in the revised CoPs, including identification of key performance indicators.

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February 15 , 2018

Senior Care Hospice Post-Acute Care Home Health Care Advance Care Planning

Advance Care Planning

Healthcare providers are increasingly recognizing that communication about goals of care is one of the most important elements in achieving clinical excellence. Advance care planning can be the tool for having values-based conversations with every person you serve.

Sample Course

January 26 , 2017

Hospice Post-Acute Care

Urinary Incontinence

Intended for direct care workers such as CNAs in post-acute care settings, this course covers the assessment and management of urinary incontinence.


October 20 , 2015

Senior Care Hospice Weatherbee Post-Acute Care

Clinician Implications of the New Wage Index

In this webinar, explore the direct impact of payment-related changes to clinicians and offers practical strategies to assure compliance and SIA payment.