BCBA Continuing Education Credits – Uploading Your CEs Online

As an ACE provider, we have received many phone calls from clients asking – “How can I renew and recertify my BACB continuing education credits online?” We listened! Our clinical team created a series of Recertification Task Analyses to help our fellow BACB tackle this administrative duty. First up – uploading Your CEs.

Recording Your BCBA Continuing Education Credits Online

After completing your continuing education courses, you must report your BCBA Continuing Education Credits to the BCBA. You can do this online by following these simple instructions.

Step 1: Log In at www.BACB.com. You can log in directly from the BACB’s homepage (see image below) by clicking on the “Access/Create Account” box. If you don’t already have an account, you can register online.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Continuing Education’ tab and click on the link titled “Manage CEs.”

Step 3: Scroll to the bottom and click the button “Add a CE.” You cannot aggregate all of your continuing education credits into one record. Please complete a separate entry for each CE title you complete.

Step 4: Next, scroll down and select “Type” (if you are recording CEs from Relias Learning, please select Type 2).

Step 5: Under the “Provider/University” section, please type out the CE Provider name.

Step 6: Type in the number of BCBA continuing education hours you completed for that particular course.

Step 7: Because three (3) Ethics credits are required, the BCBA tracks these credits separately. If you are recording an Ethics CE course, be sure to enter the number of hours taken in the box labeled “Ethics and Professional Behavior Hours.” If you are recording a course that was not approved for Ethics credits, enter “0” into the box.

Step 8: Enter the date you started the BCBA continuing education course, as well as the date you completed the CE course.

Step 9: Type the “Event Title” into the box provided. This will be the title of the BCBA continuing education course you attended.

Step 10: Enter the location you received the BCBA continuing education credits. Note, if you received your credits from an online course, please enter “Online.”

Step 11: List the instructor who led your course. If you attended an online course, you can also enter the organization’s name as the instructor (e.g., Relias Learning).

Step 12: Type in “Provider Number“; the number is usually listed on your training receipt and/or certificate of completion. If you are training with Relias Learning, our number is OP-10-2017.

Step 13: Click ‘Save’ and your BCBA continuing education course history should be listed in your account immediately.

{Helpful Hint} Even though you have uploaded your CE records online, don’t throw your paper copies away. The BACB can conduct a CE audit anytime and you want to keep all documentation in case this happens to you!

Step 14: Keep track of your CEs. To maintain your certification with the BACB, you must complete a certain number of CEs every three years. If you are a BCBA, you need to complete 36 hours every two years; if you are a BCBA, you are only required to complete 20 hours every two years.

Emaley McCulloch

Vice President, Relias Institute, Relias

Vice President, Relias Institute||In 2008 Emaley McCulloch co-founded Autism Training Solutions, LLC and is currently the Vice President of Relias Institute at Relias Learning. She is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and holds an MA in Special Education. She has over 20 years’ experience in the field of autism and ABA and has provided and overseen services to individuals between the ages of 18 months to 24 years in homes, schools and clinical settings. For eight years she served as a consultant and supervisor at agencies based in Hawaii and Japan where she trained groups of professionals and parents.

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