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Mobile Optimization & Micro-learning

Relias understands the importance of keeping up with the times. Today, people are busier than ever. The convenience of interacting with mobile devices for immediate access to information is critical. With our new Mobile Learning series, we created engaging courses that are mobile optimized for convenient, on-the-go learning.  We also introduced the concept of “micro-learning” — short courses that provide bursts of information to improve learner retention.

Our first foray into this is focused not on your clients, but on your staff; a strategy with high potential to propel your organization toward mobile optimization and micro-learning. If done properly, it can greatly impact your staff, and the benefits will naturally extend to every client you serve.



Boost retention with micro-learning courses -- each course is ten minutes or less!

on the go training


Learn on-the-go with mobile optimization



Position your healthy, engaged staff to positively impact your clients


Boost retention with micro-learning, a training style that delivers information  in small, yet specific bursts to give staff control over what and when they’re learning.

Micro Learning
Mobile Optimization

Mobile Optimization

In the evolving technology landscape of healthcare, make it easy for staff to learn on-the-go with courses conveniently accessible on their mobile devices.

Healthy Staff = Improved Client Experience

By promoting your staff’s wellbeing, you naturally position them to provide better services to clients. 

Improved Client Experience