Creating a Culture of Learning at Your Organization

Implementing a learning culture is instrumental in increasing staff engagement and retention while improving outcomes for the people you serve. In this type of environment, employees can:

  • Continually grow and develop their skills
  • Practice accumulated knowledge constantly
  • Dialogue with others about assumptions and biases
  • Feel empowered and able to do things that matter to them personally, professionally, and in the community they serve

How can you foster a culture of learning at your organization? We’ve curated these resources to help you get started.

Creating a Culture of Learning at Your Organization

White Paper: Creating a Culture of Learning at Your Organization

A culture of learning is relevant to any organization. However, the need for healthcare organizations to promote this is critical since evidence-based practices are constantly evolving and your clients’ well-being depends on your staff’s knowledge and skill.

Webinar: Creating a Culture of Learning: What Human Services Leaders Need to Know

In this webinar, Leigh Steiner, Ph.D., Partner for Behavioral Health Solutions at Relias and Erik Gore, Assistant Director of Training and Development Services at KenCrest discuss why a culture of learning is not only essential to surviving but flourishing in today’s healthcare landscape.

Blog: Why a Learning Culture Is Important for Human Services

By understanding why a learning culture is important to your organization, you can help boost your staff and organization to new heights.

Blog: Creating a Learning Culture of Learning in Human Services: An Expert’s Advice

Creating a culture of learning in a human services organization can be tricky. Here's what one expert has done to enable his staff to learn.

Upskilling and Reskilling Staff

Webinar: Upskilling and Reskilling 101 for Healthcare and Human Service Leaders

In this webinar session, Deborah Waddill, Ph.D., President of Restek Consulting, discusses the ins and outs of upskilling and reskilling employees for healthcare

Blog: Build a Continuous Learning Culture With Upskilling and Reskilling Programs

Upskilling and reskilling programs can help your organization create a continuous learning culture. Here's how to get started.

Infographic: Upskilling vs. Reskilling: What’s the Difference?

This infographic will help you understand the difference between upskilling and reskilling and highlight how they can be applied in various scenarios.

Adult Learning Theory

Webinar: Creating a Training Program for Adult Learners

View this webinar to hear Rebecca McDougall, VP of Customer Success at Cognota, share how L&D leaders can incorporate adult learning theory into any training project.

Blog: How to Meet the Needs of Adult Learning Styles

To properly train your staff, you need to understand adult learning styles and how to apply this to your training programs.

Infographic: Leverage Adult Learning Theory To Optimize Training Programs at Your Organization

Training programs are one of the most effective ways to retain staff members and help them grow within your organization. But not all programs are created

Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion With Your Learning Culture

Webinar: Inclusion + Diversity: Key Components for Improving Health Outcomes and Staff Retention

In this webinar, experts from Relias and our partner Business & Learning Resources (BLR®), an industry-leading knowledge provider, examine why DEI programming needs to be a core component of your healthcare business strategy—from HR initiatives to everyday patient-provider interactions.

White Paper: Human Services' Social Dilemma: How You Can Prioritize Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Efforts. And Why You Must

How You Can Prioritize Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Efforts. And Why You Must.

White Paper: Prioritizing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Behavioral Health

Learn about the impact diversity, equity, & inclusion has on client health outcomes and how organizations can prioritize cultural competency.

Leveraging a Learning Management Platform

E-Book: Choosing the Right Learning Management Platform: The Ultimate Guide for Human Services Professionals

Discover what tools, services, and features a human services leader should consider when choosing a learning management platform.

Blog: Why Your Organization Needs a Learning Management Platform

By using a learning management platform, you can improve the way your organization learns and, thus, the quality of care it provides.

Webinar: The Live Buyers Guide to Learning Management Platforms for Human Services Professionals

Watch this webinar session to hear Nellie Galindo, MSW, MSPH, and Chris Reiling, Client Success Manager, share how the right learning management platform can be the ultimate partner to your organization’s learning and development goals.

Ready To Foster a Culture of Learning?

Creating and sustaining a learning culture is a long-term investment in your organization and staff. You can improve staff engagement and retention, quality outcomes, and organizational resilience by feeding this culture.  

Relias can be your partner in implementing and sustaining a culture of learning. 

The Relias Platform enables human service providers to build a robust and flourishing learning and development program. Our platform not only helps you onboard staff and maintain compliance, but it also enables you to provide continuous education, promote holistic well-being, and create more agile and skilled teams. 

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