Inclusion + Diversity: Key Components to Improving Health Outcomes and Staff Retention


About This Webinar

A workplace culture that embraces diversity and fosters inclusion benefits employers, increases employee productivity, and is good for the bottom line. In healthcare this bottom line includes the crucial outcome of patient health and retention of passionate, competent staff.

Training is an essential element of a DEI program, but it shouldn’t be the only element. Proper integration of DEI improves the work experience of staff, fosters a sense of belonging, and encourages an understanding of the diverse needs of patients.

In this on-demand webinar, experts from Relias and our partner Business & Learning Resources (BLR®), an industry-leading knowledge provider, examine why DEI programming needs to be a core component of your healthcare business strategy—from HR initiatives to everyday patient-provider interactions.

Learning Objectives:

  • Articulate the need for a diverse and inclusive healthcare workforce
  • Share strategies for finding a diverse range of candidates and identify programs and policies that improve retention
  • Explain the impact of proper DEI initiatives on staff well-being and patient health
  • Identify one action you can take to improve your organization’s DEI initiative


Rola Aamar, PhD


Celeste Duke SPHR

Managing Content Specialist , BLR®

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