Risky Business: Tools & Strategies to Safeguard Your Organization

Health and Human Services
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About This Webinar

Strategically implementing a risk management program is essential to minimize or eliminate events that contribute to losses. There should be a systematic approach to risk management tied to an organization’s mission, with a deliberate focus to ensure quality. This can be especially challenging for smaller organizations that lack a dedicated risk management department, but a systematic approach is just as important for success.

This webinar highlights strategies and techniques to identify, manage and report on areas of risk such as human resources, governance and finance as well as critical incident reporting and technology, including the electronic management of information.

Watch this webinar to learn how to:

  • Recognize reasons why organizations should focus on risk management
  • Identify various ways to mitigate risk related to technology
  • Calculate vulnerability and prioritize risks as part of completing a risk assessment


Jennifer Flowers MBA

CEO, Accreditation Guru, Inc.

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