The Impact of Social Determinants of Health on Maternal Mortality

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Maternal Mortality
Social Determinants of Health

A Roundtable Discussion

A recent report from the Nine Maternal Mortality Review Committees revealed that non-Hispanic black women experience maternal deaths at a rate three to four times that of non-Hispanic white women. Current research is showing that social determinants of health, including the social, economic, and healthcare access for both the mother and her community, impact maternal mortality and shape unequal health outcomes.

Knowing the call to action to reduce maternal mortality in the US, how are your organization and teams taking into consideration potential disparities while delivering maternal care?

Watch this roundtable discussion on recognizing and understanding the social determinants that impact vulnerable populations to improve maternal care and outcomes.

During this Roundtable, our experts discuss:

  • Social determinants such as African American race, rural residence, inadequate education, and low socioeconomic status
  • Maternal health in relation to infant health
  • How organizations can build a strong foundation on evidence-based education on the leading causes of maternal mortality


Alisha Cornell DNP, MSN, RN


Monica Gibbs

Reproductive Life Planning Educator, Mecklenburg County

Beatriz Mallory

SVP, Managing Director, SensisHealth

Marli Crowe

Business Development Coordinator, Sensis

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