Why Mobile First Matters: Best Practices in Home Health Training

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About This Webinar

Mobile learning is key to reaching the dispersed staff of home health agencies. Your staff should have access to training on the go, on the road, and even inside a patient’s home. There’s a big difference between having a mobile version of your training and building training optimized for mobile or mobile first. That difference shows up in completion rates, competence, and improving the quality of care your team delivers.

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear Micah Goodman, Product Manager for Relias, explain the key differences and other best practices for home health learning and development. He also shares the new Relias Mobile App, built from the ground up on these practices. Our new app includes microlearning, mobile-first courses, search features, and more for a better experience and more substantial results for those in your care.


Micah Goodman

Project Manager, Relias

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