Upskill Your Entire Staff, Outpace the Competition

Post-Acute Care
Wound Care
Upskilling staff Guide

Invest in your assisted living employees and reap the rewards.

Included in this workforce guide:

  • Insight into the areas to focus on to offer your residents world-class care
  • Information on how dementia/memory care; wound care; diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging; and professional development are essential skills for every member of your staff
  •  Potential training topics to cover in each of these areas

About this e-book

According to leading dementia expert Teepa Snow, “If we want our team to be better, we’ve got to make sure they’re aware. Some of them will be more knowledgeable, some are actually going to be skilled, and you’re going to have a few that are going to be incredibly confident and competent.” This approach not only applies to dementia/memory care but is relevant to a myriad of topics. Not everyone on your staff needs to be an expert, but every team member should know to navigate challenging situations best.

By upskilling your employees through knowledge in dementia/memory care, wound care, DEIB, and professional development education, you set yourself apart from the competition and can offer person-centered care at an unmatched level. Additionally, this investment gives your employees the skills and career growth they desire.

Learn more in your workforce guide, Upskill Your Entire Staff, Outpace the Competition.

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