• Mary Arnold-Long

    Mary Arnold-Long DNP, APRN, CRRN, CWOCN-AP, ACNS-BC

    Subject Matter Expert, Relias

  • LuAnn Reed

    LuAnn Reed DNP, CRRN, RN-Gero, LNHA, WCC, DWC

    Associate Dean, Fortis College-Cincinnati


Why Wouldn’t You? The ROI from Investing in a Wound Certified Practitioner

About This Webinar

Hard to heal wounds are epidemic in the United States. An analysis of 2018 Medicare beneficiaries identified 15% (8.2 billion) have wounds. The cost to treat ranges conservatively from $28 – $31.7 billion depending on whether the wound is a primary or secondary diagnosis. This session helps savvy health care leaders learn the return on investment by incorporating a wound certified practitioner into your team to help manage these patients.


  1. Identify current climate that makes a patient with a wound care diagnosis a potential disaster for the health care industry.
  2. Recognize tools a certified wound care practitioner carries that most clinical practitioners, at ANY level, don’t.
  3. Define deliverable outcomes, in hard data, dollars, and soft data, based on an actual case study.

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