• Dieudonnee Kokoszka

    Dieudonnee Kokoszka MS

    Talent Development Manager, Wheeler Health

  • Ren Randolph-Adams

    Ren Randolph-Adams

    Client Success Manager, Relias


Promoting Growth and Resilience: 3 Tips From FQHC Wheeler Health

About This Webinar

While the ultimate goal of any health care facility is to better serve its community, certain business needs must be met.

Wheeler Health, a community health center and FQHC with 35 locations across Connecticut, has been able to do both by leveraging a learning management system to streamline their compliance training, efficiently onboard new employees, and grow their staff through professional development.

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear Wheeler Health share their experience using Relias’ learning management platform as they’ve grown over the last 10 years. During this webinar, you’ll hear how Wheeler Health:

  • Used the Relias learning management system to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic (including tracking vaccination training records within the platform)
  • Streamlined training across their 35 locations and various departments
  • Incorporated Relias into their everyday organizational workflows

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