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Quality Care Teams: How Intentional Nurse Onboarding Improves Patient Safety

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Download this Research Brief to explore:

  • The reality behind today’s nursing shortage
  • The impact that onboarding has on patient safety
  • How to improve patient safety with better onboarding
  • How better onboarding correlates to nurse satisfaction and reduced turnover

About this Research Brief

Healthcare systems are facing the harsh reality and enduring effects of the national nursing shortage. With nurses spending more one-on-one time with patients than any other healthcare worker, their ability to perform at the highest level is essential to providing safe patient care.

But as more and more nurses leave, patient safety can fall through the cracks.

To assist in the collaboration surrounding the nursing shortage, this guide provides a glimpse into the issue and offers actionable insights to help combat turnover through effective onboarding, while simultaneously increasing patient safety.

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