Medical Billing & Coding Compliance Training: It Is Not One & Done


About This Webinar

Training should be an ongoing process not just something that only occurs upon hiring. Medical billing and coding compliance professionals require ongoing Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) to maintain their certifications. Providing your medical billing coders with the resources to accomplish this at the workplace ensures that your team is receiving relevant education with the quality that you expect.

Some clinical staff, such as Radiation Therapists and Radiological Technologists, often perform charge capture and coding functions. Receiving relevant and specific training in their specialty can satisfy their CEU requirements and keep them engaged, increasing employee retention rates.

This session focuses on how providing relevant medical coding training to employees not only improves their job satisfaction but also reaps financial benefits for your organization. Examples of key coding and compliance issues that many organizations face today are highlighted to enable each viewer to build their own focus list of opportunities.


Kelly Ellis

Executive Director of Client Services and Coding+, Revenue Cycle Coding Strategies

Melody Mulaik

President, Revenue Cycle Coding Strategies

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