Ask the Experts: How to Leverage Digital Tools in Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health

About This Webinar

It has been well documented that even prior to the pandemic, there existed a shortage of behavioral health professionals. The current service delivery system is not capable of meeting the needs of individuals who meet diagnostic criteria for mental illness, let alone providing services and resources to foster mental well-being.

At a time of stretched resources, altered working conditions, and the evolving nature of the prolonged pandemic, digital tools present an opportunity for behavioral health providers. These tools can help expand the scope and scale of behavioral health services across key phases of mental health support, including prevention, screening, treatment, and recovery.

Watch this webinar to hear a Q&A session on how to leverage digital tools/solutions in behavioral health. Vicki Ittel, Ph.D., MBA, Matt MacKinnon, and Jennifer Gendron answer questions like:

  • What are digital behavioral health tools?
  • How can we vet tools and solutions that are right for our organization?
  • What kind of results can we expect to see after implementing and using digital tools?


Vicki Ittel Ph.D.

Director, Solutions, Relias

Matt MacKinnon

Director, Solutions Services, Relias

Jennifer Gendron

U.S. Chief Commercial Officer, Koa Health

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