• John McGinn

    Healthcare Industry Principal, Skillsoft


Communication: The Key to Today’s Complex Healthcare Environment

About This Webinar

Among market consolidation, high turnover, and changing regulations, there’s no denying it – healthcare is continuously increasing in complexity and acuity. So how can organizations prepare their workforce to navigate this challenging industry?

Strong communication skills across all levels and departments are key to successfully adapting to an ever-changing healthcare landscape. Unfortunately, communication is often one of the most under-utilized tools and under-developed skillsets.

Presented with Skillsoft®, the global leader in workforce development and training, we explore how everyday communication impacts patient satisfaction, employee engagement, clinical outcomes, and the fiscal health of an organization.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • The impact of communication on patient outcomes and employee retention
  • How “soft skills” are critical to creating a culture of engaged employees and strong leaders
  • Techniques for making communication and personal development a strategic advantage

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