Certificates of Excellence Program Update

Health and Human Services

Preparing for the Future of Behavioral Health Care

In 2015, the National Council for Behavioral Health and Relias launched the Certificates of Excellence program to support behavioral health treatment providers. The program was created in response to changes in behavioral health brought about through payment reform, mergers and acquisitions, and the implementation of Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics to help organizations advance their practices for what’s ahead.

Rapid change requires CEOs to identify efficient and effective ways to train and prepare staff to be their very best. The Relias Certificates of Excellence program provides continuing education (CE) opportunities in core clinical, management and leadership competencies that can be leveraged by cutting-edge organizations focused on organizational excellence.

>During this webinar we:

  • Discover how the certificate program works
  • Review available certificates, including those that are newly added and updated
  • Learn how to gain the most benefits from the program, including one organization’s experience with implementation


Mohini Venkatesh

Vice President of Business and Strategy, National Council

Chris Hindbaugh MSW

Chief Executive Officer, Addiction Treatment Services

Melissa Lewis-Stoner MSW, LCSW-C

Vice President of Product Management for Education, Relias

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