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Hiring Conundrums in Human Services Organizations: Hunting Unicorns or Chasing Cats

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  • The role of assessments in successfully building and retaining your staff
  • Best practices for using assessments
  • The difference between validated and non-validated assessments
  • The legal and ethical ramifications of assessments
  • Strategies for making data-informed hiring decisions and retaining your staff

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About This White Paper

overcoming hiring conundrums in human services orgs white paper

Human services organizations—particularly those providing behavioral health services and services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD)—are facing a workforce crisis. The demand for direct support professionals, counselors, and case managers keeps growing, and many organizations are struggling to find enough staff. Moreover, turnover for these positions is high, and the cost of replacing these professionals is significant.

Assessments are a versatile tool that can help organizations better select and develop their human capital. Assessment can be used to improve hiring, onboarding and professional development. However, without a thorough comprehension of the purpose, capability and function of assessments, organizations open themselves up to unintended risk or allow this powerful tool to fall flat.