State of the Union: Behavioral Health

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About This Webinar

This year we celebrate the 56th anniversary of the Community Mental Health Act – a major piece of federal legislation that helped create community mental health centers as we know them today. While the establishment of community mental health centers was an important milestone in our country’s efforts to provide quality care for some of our most vulnerable residents, a lot has changed in the mental health and addiction landscapes since 1963.

Behavioral health (mental health and addiction) is being brought out of the shadows and has become a major discussion point for many facets of our society – our healthcare system, education system, criminal justice system and other domains. Growing rates of mental health and addiction disorders, coupled with recent changes in evidence-based treatment options, healthcare delivery, financing mechanisms, and policy guidelines mean the spotlight shines brighter than ever on the behavioral health field.

Watch this webinar with Chuck Ingoglia, Senior Vice President of Public Policy and Practice Improvement at the National Council for Behavioral Health, as he discusses the present landscape of behavioral health and where the field is poised to go in the future.


Chuck Ingoglia

Senior Vice President of Public Policy and Practice Improvement, National Council for Behavioral Health

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