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Pro on the Go - Micro Learning Modules

Pro On The Go

Quick refreshers at the point of care for busy healthcare professionals

The Newest Way to Deliver Practical Training on Critical Skills

Delivering effective training is difficult. Often, training is done far from the context in which the skills will be used, making application of new knowledge less than optimal. Enter Pro on the Go, micro learning modules on key healthcare topics, built to take advantage of everything we know about adult learning.

Digestible Lessons

Bite-sized modules presented in context, aid in knowledge retention and application.

Convenient Delivery

Accessible via the Relias Mobile App or the Relias learning management system (LMS), whether you’re in the office or in the field.

Improved Care

Training focused on the most critical skills, delivered near the point of care, benefits all staff.

Micro Learning

Pro on the Go modules are less than ten minutes long and are designed to provide your staff with the techniques, steps or procedures to carry out their next task. Many include video content to aid in skill application. Even experienced professionals benefit from quick refreshers to improve quality of care.

On Demand

Learners can conveniently access Pro on the Go content via their mobile devices on the Relias Mobile App or within the Relias LMS anywhere, anytime. The combination of accessibility, shorter length, and focused topics make Pro on the Go ideally suited for busy professionals who need the information right now.

Relevant Topics

Pro on the Go modules include procedural, behavioral, and informational topics relevant to today’s practitioners across the entire healthcare continuum. Some examples include:

- Assessment: Neurological
- Screening for Depressive Disorders Using the PHQ-9 Condition Management
- Quick Tips: Heart Failure Management
- Working with People on the Autism Spectrum
- IV Management: Flushing a CVC
- Safety Checks for Home Visits

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