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Post-Acute Care Training

You've Got a Lot on Your Mind

At Relias, We're Thinking About How We Can Help Solve Your Business Challenges.

From ensuring regulatory compliance to staff retention and quality outcomes that can impact your reputation, your referrals, and your bottom line. At Relias, we don’t just understand your challenges; we are the leader at applying learning strategies to solve them. We partner with industry leading organizations such as our exclusive partnership with Skillsoft which brings Fortune 100 Business Skills to post-acute care providers for the first time ever. Not to mention our advanced learning management system saves you time and money.

Manage and Track Compliance

The first line of defense against risks ranging from survey citations to lawsuits.

Achieve Regulatory Compliance

Establishing a timely, effective compliance program that achieves regulatory compliance as well as your own specific risk issues is a top priority in the long-term, post-acute care industry. It’s also the first line of defense against risk ranging from survey citations to lawsuits.

But keeping up with new-hire orientation and annual training can be daunting and nearly impossible if you have a multi-location business with multiple business lines and layers of staff. If you are in multiple states, your burden just gets more complicated.

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Reduce Turnover and Improve Engagement

Keep your frontline staff engaged by focusing on their professional development.

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Retain and Grow

Relias has tools, resources and content to help you reduce turnover and improve employee engagement.

Better onboarding and orientation, workforce development and enhanced communications will help you build a workforce that is engaged and can help you realize better surveys, fewer tags, happier residents, waiting lists and a better bottom line for your organization.

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Optimize Performance

Just meeting regulatory requirements is no longer enough.

Drive Faster Results

Just meeting regulatory requirements is no longer enough and transformation is essential as payments shift from fee-for-service to advanced payment models, and staff turnover, retention and competition mounts.

In this new, outcome-driven healthcare environment where value trumps volume, executives must craft bold new strategies and execute new business models. Now more than ever, senior care executives are asking for solutions to accelerate change throughout their workforce to drive faster results.

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We're More Than a Training Vendor. We're Your Learning Partner

Discover how post-acute care organizations are using Relias to impact the lives of those they serve.


Training Compliance Made Easy

"If I could describe Relias in one word, it would be easy. It has made compliance a dream. With over 3500 employees, getting everyone compliant without having to beg and plead is amazing."


Simplify Training

"A lot of our HR directors were still tracking things through Excel spreadsheets or they weren't tracking things at all..."


We work with industry-leading partners to create high quality content to ensure our training meets your needs

Medical Waste Disposal in the Home
This course describes the procedures for handling and discarding contaminated sharps, medications, and other regulated medical waste.
Anticoagulant and Antithrombotic Drugs and Interactions
Current Clinical Drug Interactions: Anticoagulant and Antithrombotic Drugs and Interactions
Drug Interactions and Toxicity with Acetaminophen and Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs
This course examines specific groups of drugs commonly encountered by clinicians.
Mood Stabilizing Drugs and Interactions
This module reviews drug interaction and examine specific groups of drugs commonly encountered by clinicians.
Polypharmacy and Drug Interactions
Reviews the interactive concepts of drug interaction in selected populations and create a framework for further knowledge acquisition and application.
Home Health Care OASIS-C2
This course discusses the OASIS document and how to record and transmit accurate data.
OASIS-C2: The Basics
This course provides an introduction to the OASIS framework and explains assessment techniques to ensure accurate completion.
OASIS-C2 and Process Measures
This course provides information on OASIS process measures and their importance to home health agencies.
Home Health PPS and OASIS-C2
This course provides a basic understanding of the Home Health Prospective Payment System (HH PPS).
OASIS-C2: Resumption of Care
The Resumption of Care (ROC) OASIS must be completed when a patient has a break in covered services, for whatever reason, to determine whether the patient quali

Additional Resources

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White Paper

May 17 , 2018

Senior Care Post-Acute Care Risk Mitigation

Lions, Tigers and Bears—Oh MY! A Primer for Risk Management in Today’s Long-Term Care

The dynamic and evolving healthcare industry is increasing risk for our organizations, including in the long-term and post-acute care space. Download this white paper for a high-level primer on what the process looks like for managing risk and specific risks you may find in your long-term care facility.


May 03 , 2018

Post-Acute Care Opioid Addiction

Safe Prescribing During the Opioid Epidemic

The problem of abuse and addiction to opioids has emerged as a major issue, leading to new Opioid Prescribing Guidelines from the CDC and actions by industry and legislators that affect prescribing. Watch this webinar as we review the causes of the epidemic and describe recent guidelines and laws affecting opioid prescribing.


April 19 , 2018

Post-Acute Care Skilled Nursing

The ABCs of ABNs

Confused about the various Beneficiary Notices? You are not alone! Watch this webinar to get an overview of regulatory requirements related to Beneficiary Notices and to understand how compliance of beneficiary notices will be reviewed in the survey process.