Appreciate and Support Your Social Workers

Show your social workers you care for and appreciate them during National Social Work Month with these resources.

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Social Workers Are Essential

As we’ve faced incredible and challenging times through the pandemic, social workers were there for it all and at all levels. Helping COVID-19 patients in the hospital. Assisting individuals living in long-term care facilities. Spreading information about preventing COVID and how to get vaccinated. Addressing the challenges of students learning from home or trying to go back to school safely. Supporting individuals who were now living with their abusers 24/7 during lockdowns and quarantines. Addressing the social disparities we’ve seen in housing security, food security, employment, and access to health care. Social workers have seen it all, and will continue to be there until the end of the pandemic.

Social work has always been essential. But now, we cannot continue to ignore or dismiss the incredible work that social workers do for us day in and day out. It’s time to proclaim that social work is essential.

To help you celebrate and appreciate your social workers throughout March and beyond, take advantage of the resources below and share with your staff.

Free Course for Your Staff

To help honor and celebrate social work throughout March, Relias is proud to offer social workers a free CE course from the Relias behavioral health library. The course, Ethical and Legal Guidelines for Telehealth Service Delivery, is free for all to take and earn 1.25 CEs.

female with glasses and earpods at a laptopThis course will offer a blend of ethical and legal information, clinical vignettes, and strategies that can later be applied in therapeutic settings. The goal of this course is to provide professionals with tools and information for competent and ethical telehealth practice.

Access the Free Course

Relias Social Workers Love What They Do

“I wanted a career that reflected what I was naturally good at – connecting with people. I also wanted to work in a field that was actively trying to address the systemic issues keeping people marginalized, and working on ways to re-imagine those systems.” 

-Nellie Galindo, MSW, MSPH,
Content Marketing Manager at Relias 

“I have always been the kid who stood up for individuals who were being unjustly wronged or treated. I wanted to become a social worker to support and empower others and remind them of their own innate resilience and capacity.” 

-Hayley Blub, MSW
Client Success Manager, Specialist at Relias 

There were people who helped me through some tough times in my life. I wanted to help people in their times of need.” 

Michelle Gilbert, MSW, LCSW
Client Success Manager at Relias 

Blogs Written by Relias Social Workers

Viewing Your Work Through a Trauma-Informed Lens

Trauma-informed care is about an organizational commitment to provide services that are welcoming, compassionate and genuine.

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Turning Around Turnover in Behavioral Health

According to a panel at a recent health summit, the statewide annual turnover rate for direct care workers in the mental health field is a staggering 37%.

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Whole Person, Whole Passion, Whole Career

If you’re just curious and want to know more for yourself and the population you serve, we have the tools to help. Bring your motivation to learn. We’ll help you get better.

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It’s Time to Redefine Self-Care

It’s time to go beyond the idea that self-care is simply binging on Netflix for hours each night or going to that yoga class occasionally. Self-care is as much a mindset as it is a specific activity or routine. And when practiced effectively, it can change you and your staff’s lives for the better.

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Training Resources

What Is Racial Trauma? Understanding How Trauma Affects the Black Community

Hear Dr. Jamila Holcomb, Ph.D., LMFT discuss how racial trauma affects the Black community and ways both clinicians and organizations can better connect with Black clients.

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Ask the Experts: innovaTel Telepsychiatry Shares Telehealth Best Practices

During this Ask the Expert webinar, experienced telehealth practitioners from innovaTel Telepsychiatry shared tips for preparing yourself and clients for sessions and tactics for engaging new and established clients. innovaTel providers have been delivering care exclusively via telehealth technology for the last six years. This session is intended to support those who are new to telehealth or looking for a refresher.

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Trauma-Informed Care 101: Basics of Trauma and the TIC Framework

Trauma-informed care (TIC) has become a widely recognized paradigm for creating safe spaces for individuals who have experienced trauma and reducing the likelihood that accessing services would cause re-traumatization. But what exactly is trauma and the trauma-informed care framework? Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more about the TIC framework.

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Addressing Racial Trauma in the Clinical Setting

In addition to knowing the impacts of racial trauma, clinicians should know best practices for addressing racism and racial trauma from the minute they enter the practice to when they go into the therapy room (whether in-person or through telehealth). Watch this webinar to hear Jamila Holcomb, Ph.D., LMFT, continue the conversation on racial trauma and how clinicians can help Black clients in the clinical setting.

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